Turn It Over

A little girl once gave her broken doll to her father and said, “Daddy, please fix my broken doll for me.” The father gladly obliged and set to work. The father seemed to be taking time to get the doll fixed and after a while, the little girl became frustrated with impatience, snatched the doll from her father and with tears said, “You are too slow, daddy! Why are you being so slow?” The father calmly responded, “Daughter, I appeared slow because all along, you kept interrupting me and wouldn’t allow me fix your doll my way.”

This is how most of us are with God. We bring our brokenness to God and ask Him to fix us but we still dictate to Him how we want to be fixed. When He doesn’t come through for us, we get discouraged and throw tantrums.

I wanna share the words of this song with you……it’s time to turn your situation over to God, COMPLETELY!

Do you have a problem
That you just can’t seem to solve
Have you tried to fix it
But there is no result
If when you think about it
It seems worse than before
Then it’s time to turn it over
To Jesus Christ the Lord

If you’ve been crying
Your heart filled with pain
Your mind full of doubt
Thinking there’s no way out
I say, ‘Be encouraged’
Your victory is near
Wipe your tears and turn it over
To Jesus Christ the Lord

Turn it over
Turn it over
Take your hands off
Get out of the way
Turn it over
Turn it over
Let Jesus handle it
Turn it over to Him


© 2013 AyotundeElegbeleye
Jesus is LORD!

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