Can I have A Dance?

“Whether you like am, whether you no like am, the thing be say you go still dey shake body……..” (A SONG)

Pardon the choice of song?, but I’m going somewhere with this.This song is simply saying that your preferred genre notwithstanding, any time you come across music, you can’t help but move to that music. I completely agree with the writer of this song. Music is good for the soul, but even more important is the activity that commonly accompanies good music.

Be it swaying gracefully, flailing of arms, tapping or stomping of feet, jerking of head, jumping or shaking vigorously, or twisting of hips, you almost always find yourself dancing one way or another at the sound of music. In other words, you express how good you feel about music by dancing. If music makes you feel good and the way you express this is by dancing, then it is safe to conclude that dancing also makes you feel good! And what is health if it cannot be defined in the context of that subjective ‘feeling of well-being’? – “I feel good, yay!”

Step into any place where there is a lot of music and you will see a lot of dancing taking place. Although people may not realize it but the dance activity that makes them feel so good is also good for their bodies. In other words, when you dance, you are not only trying to ‘feel cool’, you are also doing your body a lot of good. Dancing is not only fun and a great way to socialize, mix, and mingle, it is also a way to stay physically fit. Exercise does not have to be utterly exhausting, especially when you can dance your way to health. Experts have said that dancing burns calories, boosts energy, improves circulation and tones muscle, which leads to increased strength, endurance and flexibility. Dancing can burn as many calories as other ‘traditional’ exercises like cycling/biking, walking, swimming and other forms of gymnastics. Dancing is a mild form of exercise for the heart. It is much more pleasurable than walking and probably more thorough because it involves the entire body.

Dancing, as a form of exercise, is very helpful. It relieves tension and stress, it improves your mood (puts a smile on your face and sets you in the right mood), it improves your self-esteem, it gives you a better body awareness and it serves as an outlet for your creativity. Dancing is also convenient and affordable. You don’t need any expensive equipment or workout clothes. In fact, you don’t even need to visit or register with any sophisticated gym outfit/facility. All you need is your body and the willingness to have fun (I bet you have plenty of that, don’t ya?)

imagesIf you’ve always desired to learn one form of dance or the other, there’s the opportunity to fulfill a dream and at the same time get in shape. On the other hand, if you would rather be informal about it, you can get your groove in your living room, or get down with a favourite musician while doing dishes or any other chore. Whatever kind of dance you’re doing, as long as you’re moving to the music, you’re practicing good health and fitness.

Research has found that dancing provides certain physical health benefits:
1. Strong bones – Dancing strengthens the tibia, fibula and femur. It also helps in the prevention or slow loss of bone mass associated with certain types of bone diseases. Dancing is also helpful for young people whose jobs need them to sit at a desk all day. It helps to avoid having a slipped disk later on. It keeps their bodies mobile and their joints moving.

2. Mental fitness – Dancing is also a good way to unwind. It is relaxing and it provides relief from everyday business pressures and stresses. Some psychiatrists believe that the movement to music is always a superior form of relaxation.

3. Therapy – Dancing is therapeutic. Prescribed exercise and movement are often part of physical therapy especially when recovering from a surgical intervention. Dancing as a form of exercise is good physical activity and physical activity promotes healing. At any age, it promotes muscle toning and it makes residual pain bearable. Dancing promotes fast healing, especially after a long period of inactivity.

As noted, dancing has all the advantages and none of the disadvantages. It is an all round good exercise for people of all ages. Dancing provides entertainment as well as good physical and mental health and that is why I recommend it for you! It’s time you began enjoying the benefits of dancing. If you don’t know how to groove or get down with it, then have someone teach you but by all means, see to it that you are dancing!

You can dance your way to good health and you can start TODAY! Have a dance-full and healthy day!!images

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