Change is Coming

Sometime ago, two of my friends used the word ‘happy’ but in opposite ways. One said, “I am happy,” and the other said, “I am not happy at all.” Such is life. This moment, someone is rejoicing and that same moment, another is weeping. I once met a little girl who was born the same day my father died, and I knew a little boy who celebrated his birthday the day I buried my father.

What I am trying to say is that life is “Different strokes for different folks,” so don’t think today, “Why am I in this ugly situation when others are having the time of their lives?” For your information, yesterday while you were busy making merry, these same people were probably gnashing their teeth.

So what do you do when it feels like you are the only one in pains and agony? Simply remember that someone has been there before you, and it’s only your turn today, because tomorrow, another will step into your shoes. No condition is permanent. Change is the only constant thing and it is round the corner. If you keep this in mind, your situation becomes less dreary and more bearable.butterfly-change-picture-quote

One more thing——-if you forget everything, don’t forget this, “In all things (situations and circumstances), always give thanks to God!”


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Jesus is LORD!

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