“You’ve not been to church in a very long while. Is everything ok?”

“Fancy you coming to look for me, Pastor. I never knew I amounted to something much.”

“Of course you do. Every one of God’s children is precious.”

“So what are you really here for? If it’s to ask me to come back to church, forget it.”

The pastor gave me a smile that reflected an understanding of what I was going through. That smile reminded me of Jay and at that moment, I yearned for him with all my heart – a little wonder the pastor’s next statement brought me to the edge of my seat.

“Megan, I am not here to ask you to come back to church. I am here to ask you to come back to Jay, he sent me to you.”

When he mentioned Jay, I broke down like a child and wailed. I saw my wretchedness and didn’t think Jay would want me back.

“I am not sure Jay would want me now, Pastor. Look at me, I am a wretch. No man, not even Jay will look at me in a positive light anymore. I am filthy!”

“Megan, Jay doesn’t care about all that. As long as you are willing to accept his unconditional love and sever all ties with the man you’re with now, he is willing to take you back. He loves you so much; he can’t bear to see you with another. He asked me to tell you this.”

“Really!” I looked at the pastor with dilated pupils. “Could it be possible to find forgiveness with Jay and Holly after all I’d done? They did me good but I repaid with evil and I don’t suppose I deserve a second chance.”

The pastor did a good job of convincing me that a second chance was very much what Jay desired, if I would take it. Of course, I would take it! I was tired of living in hell hole.

“Pastor, this is awesome. I feel so joyous and free already. Please tell Jay I am ready to accept his love now. I accept him and renounce my involvement with Seth.”

The pastor prayed with me and while we were yet praying Jay and Holly walked in. When I opened my eyes and saw them, I went ecstatic with joy. I went into Jay’s embrace and he held me lovingly.

“Oh dear, I am so sorry for pushing you away. Please forgive me. I will never let you go again, never!”

Jay held me tightly. “My darling, of course I forgive you. It’s so good to be back in your life again. Oh, how I love you so.”

I embraced Holly too and told her how sorry I was for not listening to her wise counsels and for speaking those harsh words to her. She enveloped me in a graceful embrace and assured me that I was forgiven.

“Please don’t ever leave me again, Holly!” I cried

“I won’t, I won’t. I will always be here. I won’t leave you as long as you stay with Jay.”

By this time, Seth had come to see what was going on but somehow, he wouldn’t just come near, he only pouted and scowled from afar. I was surprised because I knew Seth was a trouble maker. I wondered why he was not trying to stop Jay from taking me from him. I asked Pastor if he understood what was going on. Pastor simply told me that Jay had won a court case against Seth sometime in the past and Seth had been given a restraining order not to move an inch close to wherever Jay was. I also wanted to know if I could go retrieve my belonging, which Seth had confiscated but Pastor assured me that Jay would restore all that and more to me. I did not need any other argument or plea. There was not one more reason for me to delay. I was ready to be with Jay forever. When I told Jay I was ready to leave, he and Holly held my hands on both sides, and led me out of the pit I had lived in, while Seth could only look on. I got delivered, FINALLY!

My friendship with Holly blossomed again, while my love for Jay grew in leaps and bounds. Jay’s love for me was inexpressible; it was too much for words to describe. I simply basked in the euphoria of his love. Then one day, Jay proposed to me.

“Megan, my love, I want you all to myself. I cannot bear you running off with another man again. I love you too much to lose you and see you suffer like you did. I want you to be mine forever and I yours. Will you marry me? Will you pledge yourself to me?”

“Y-e-e-s,” butterflies fluttered in my stomach, “Yes, my love, I will marry you. I will pledge my whole life to you.”


It was the perfect day. The sky was clear, the weather cool, birds were chirping melodiously and flowers were giving out their lovely fragrance. The atmosphere was serene and solemn….something monumental was happening and it was happening to me! I was getting married! I was finally declaring and pledging my total undying love and allegiance to the one and only love of my life! I took a side-ward glance at Holly, my faithful friend, confidant, and maid of honour. Her eyes shone with so much love and as always, a quiet strong confidence filled with assurance. She beamed widely at me, her countenance charged with exceeding joy and in that moment, I acknowledged inwardly that I would not have made it to that point if it wasn’t for her. “Oh Holly, we’ve come this far, haven’t we?”

The pastor who brought me and Jay back together conducted the wedding ceremony right in the same church where I first met Jay. I married Jay and I will stay married to him. I pledged my whole allegiance to him and I will not go back on my words. With each day comes new grace to hold on to his love as his love for me continues to know no bounds. Oh, we’re so in love and will be forever…………

“For by grace are ye saved through faith……….” Ephesians 2:8a (KJV)

© 2013 AyotundeElegbeleye

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