GIVE me a HUSBAND or I’LL DIE!!! (2)

I sat in church with a blank stare as the preacher went on and on about life and death and other related stuff. My husband held my hand to offer me some emotional support and I leaned towards him for some warmth. Again, I was thankful for having my husband by my side, however, all the warmth oozing from him was not enough at that moment to dissipate the cold sensation I felt to the very core of my being. I was completely numb and only going through the motions. My friend was dead and gone forever, I was not even sure how I was going to start recovering from that harsh reality.

How did we get here, I wondered. How did Tito end up marrying such a monster? Oblivious to the activities around me, I took a mental trip back in time…

Tito and I had been friends since forever, we were practically sisters. We met at our second year of junior secondary school, when Tito got transferred to my school. When she resumed, we became ‘bunk mates’ – meaning we shared same bunk. Tito and I hit it off from the beginning. Although she was the extrovert while I was a bit more introverted, we complemented each other nicely. We carried our friendship on from secondary school to the university. We did not live in the same room until our last year in the university but we were still inseparable, one of us was always in the other person’s room .

Right from secondary school days, Tito had always entertained boys’ attention. She was not in any way promiscuous but she was spirited enough to draw attention to herself, something she so very much relished. She had a flock of guys in our university days and I used to tease her about changing guys like changing clothes. She never really dated them (maybe a few) as much as she loved having them around. She simply loved the attention.

“Miss popular, which of these bodyguards of yours do you see in your future?” I teased her one afternoon, in the room. “Frank, Tope, Henry, Sadik, Tokunbo, Moses, …….”

“Na you sabi,” She threw a pillow in my direction, “At least I have a pool to draw from, wetin you get?” She pushed her tongue out at me.

“Slow does it, my friend. S-l-o-w and…” I painstakingly drew out the word, “Steeeeeaaaady. Slow and steady. You should really learn those words, buddy.” I threw the pillow back at her.

“I shall remind you of this when I walk down the aisle with you trotting behind trying to carry my 6ft veil after me.” She gave me a serious look and mockingly eyed me. I could not help but laugh out loud.

“Well, well, don’t forget that as your maid of honour, you shall be at my mercy and if you get too cocky now,” I smiled wickedly, “I shall simply leave you to trip on your 6ft veil. You can imagine what a fall that will be! Oh my God, the groom will be horrified!” I added a sarcastic laugh for effect.

“I always knew you are mean.” She pouted, which made me laugh some more.

I went over to her side and hugged her tightly. “Don’t worry dearest, I shall be happy to carry your veil after you, no matter how long it is.”

This was one of our many chatters about boys and marriage and family and it was almost as sure as dawn that Tito would probably get married, even before I ever start to think of settling down. Tito seemed like the kind of girl who would get married anytime she was ready and there was no iota of doubt that it would happen that way.

But just as they say, “Man proposes, God disposes,” or as it is written, “We humans make plans, but the Lord has the final word” (Proverbs 16:1-CEV), what we all thought would be was not to be.

To be cont’d….

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Jesus is LORD!

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