GIVE me a HUSBAND or I’ll DIE!!! (3)

“What type of ring do you think fits my finger,” Tito jutted her ring finger at me, “Princess, Radiant, or Round cut?”

“Is he planning to propose—-and are you buying the ring?” A mock surprised expression covered my face.

“I’m not buying the ring, silly! I’m just putting my imagination to good use, for when he subtly asks to know my preference.”

“So, a proposal is round the corner, then?”

A faint shadow of doubt darkened Tito’s face for the briefest moment but it disappeared almost as soon as it came.
“I don’t know for him o.” Tito’s face suddenly brightened as if a smart idea flashed through her thoughts, “Why don’t you ask him what he’s up to. Ask him when he plans to propose.”

“What?” Now I was genuinely surprised, no, horrified, and the shocked look I gave Tito pretty much conveyed this.

“What is what?” She pretended like she didn’t understand my expression. “Did I say anything out-of-place?”

“Are you for real?” I wanted to slap the devil out of her, “Why on earth would I do a thing like that?”

“Because you are my friend and you care about me?” She feigned a ‘I dunno’ expression. “It’s really not a big deal, is it?”

I understood where that desperation was coming from and I empathized with my friend. This relationship was one of the many relationships Tito had been in, and where in the past, most of her relationships didn’t last too long, this particular one had dragged on long enough without any promise of a serious commitment in sight. In actual fact, Tito was not the only one waiting on a proposal, I was too – for my friend. I always anticipated the moment Tito would waltz into my office or house to announce her engagement and truth be told, the waiting was getting tiresome, ahn ahn, na wetin!

“Yes babe, I’m your friend,” I moved closer to give her a hug, “And that’s why I won’t do no such thing.” Tito looked pained but I insisted, “Babes, you can’t pressure a man to propose to you, you have to wait for him to make up his mind.”

“Make up his mind?” Tito snapped, “Wait for him? Well, I am tired of waiting for him. He is taking forever. I mean, how long does it take a guy to decide what he wants, eh?”

I concurred with Tito on that. To me, this guy was just stringing her along, he wasn’t that into her and the signs were subtly hinted here and there. After venting about being tired of waiting for a proposal, Tito decided she needed a break. She concluded that if the guy had any intention of committing to her, he would act fast and not let her go. Well, that was a subtle, but nicely hatched plan.

As expected, Mr. Guy, was already looking for a way out and Tito’s announcement provided the highway he’d been trying to build and puff,  just like that, Tito’s dream of wearing an engagement ring flew out and disappeared into thin air.

To be cont’d…

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