GIVE me a HUSBAND or I’ll DIE!!! (4)

Somehow, Tito and I shared an ‘unspoken’ belief that Tito would walk down the aisle long before I got round to doing same. After all, she was the outgoing extrovert and I, the homebody introvert. Besides, she never lacked male attention and though I never really lacked same, I was quite introverted and had no care for just casual relationships. While Tito was the typical ‘I-can-go-on-casual-dates-and-see-where-it-leads’ kinda girl, I was the ‘I-prefer-to-be-by-myself-till-the-one-I’m-doubly-sure-I-wanna-be-with-comes-along’ kinda girl. Invariably, it always seemed like Tito’s prospect of getting married quickly was higher than mine so I had somewhat settled it in my heart that I was going to be Tito’s maid of honour – never the other way round!

“Hello….Tito, are you there?”

“Hello,” Tito sounded a bit drowsy.

“Are you sleeping? Did I wake you?”

“Sleeping ke, during office hours, do you want me sacked?” A ting of amusement laced her voice as she stifled a yawn, “I always knew you are only pretending to be my friend.”

“Oh I see. You aren’t sleeping, you’re just yawning, abi?”


“What is ‘what’? You want to tell me you did not just yawn?”

“Me, yawn? E-x-cu-se me missus, I did no such thing! I didn’t yawn, in fact, I don’t yawn!” Tito stifled another yawn, and realizing the irony, she laughed out loud.

“Mtcheew, e dey your body. You better stop pretending like you’re so posh, you don’t fart or poo.”

“Ew!” Tito exclaimed and we shared a hearty bout of laughter.

“Anyway, I called to remind you that we are meeting at that bridal outfit this evening. It’s time you quit stalling and pick up a dress. Time is gradually running out, you know.”

“Oh,” Tito’s voice mellowed a bit, “I keep thinking there’s still plenty of time to do that. All the same, you’re right, it’s time I picked a stunning dress for my maid of honour assignment.”

I knew Tito struggled with different kinds of emotions when I was preparing for my wedding and I tried to understand what she might be going through, so I never felt bad when she appeared¬†‘not so elated’ about the wedding plans. For most part, she was still smarting from her last relationship gone wrong. When I met my husband, at Tito’s cousin’s engagement party, she was kinda ‘seeing’ this bloke who seemed like a great guy. After her last break up, Tito decided to adopt the ‘slow-it-down-don’t-rush-approach,’ and things seemed to be going well until I met Juwon.

At first, there was nothing serious between me and Juwon. Although there was a strong attraction, we both preferred to explore friendship and were comfortable with that idea. Most times, we’d double date with Tito and her bloke, hang out and enjoy one another’s company. With time, the power of attraction became strongly at work and because we had spent time building a solid foundation of friendship and deep affection, Juwon didn’t mince words when he told me he wanted to share a ‘forever love’ with me. I knew I wanted that too and thus began our journey towards the altar.

Well, like anyone might unconsciously react, Tito felt it was time for her and her bloke to rev up, especially since things looked promising between them. She must have sent a dozen subtle cues but no way, bloke no shake body. He seemed to enjoy being non-committed to a serious relationship with her. I honestly couldn’t fathom the exact thing that could be wrong with the guys that came around Tito. I mean, “why give a girl the impression that there is something worth clinging to, when in your heart of hearts, you know there isn’t?” On the other hand, “why string a girl along if you’re afraid of commitment or so not ready for a ‘I wanna take you to mama’ relationship?” #rollingmyeyes

“Babes, come o, this your guy, shebi you talk say na Sunday School teacher e be?” I asked Tito while we were doing some shopping, “E never receive signal to ‘move forward’? Even with his high level of communion with the Holy Spirit?”

“Girlie,” Tito gave me a discouraged look, “I honestly don’t want to talk about it now. Abeg, no come spoil mood for me joor.”

And that was it! Few weeks down the line, Tito kicked his behind to the curb. Was she too impatient or were the guys too laid back? I really could not fathom!

To be cont’d….

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