Don’t Despair, You’re Almost There

Yesterday night, I picked my phone and randomly scrolled through to check for notifications. I noticed a text message from my bank and lo, it was a credit alert! To say I was beside myself with joy over this alert might be an understatement ‘cos I think I must have been ‘over’ myself with joy.

You see, this was not one of the credit alerts you get when you’ve gone to put money in your account, you know, the kind of alert you’re SURE to get. The probability of getting this alert, when it came, was almost nil. Now you understand why I was ‘over’ myself with joy when the alert came.

So what really happened? What’s so significant about an ordinary credit alert? Hmm, I’ll tell you in a bit. It was the night of December 21, the Saturday before Christmas, that I went to withdraw some cash from the ATM machine. The machine was in the process of dispensing cash when lights went out, trapping my card and cash. Meanwhile, my bank had already debited my account.

Since it was a weekend, I had to wait till Monday to retrieve my card and lodge a complaint to my bank. I waited and when Monday came, I did as I should. My bank told me it would take just eight working days to resolve the issue and credit my account but alas, little did I know what was in store…..

December 31, I got a text message from my bank that the acquiring bank (the bank whose ATM machine trapped my card) declined the dispense error request that was logged. When I asked what that meant, my bank told me that the acquiring bank was claiming that the cash was dispensed. If it was, then to whom? Who collected the cash? Certainly not me!

And so the saga began. My bank asked me to request for the camera footage to clear things up, I did. I hoped that would solve the challenge and before I knew it, 8 working days became 2 weeks, a month, 2 months, 3 months….and counting. I kept going back and forth from my bank to the acquiring back trying to get the issue resolved to no avail. I sent series of e-mails and even wrote to the MDs of both banks, and for the briefest moment, it looked like there was gonna be a breakthrough—and then the mirage was gone, the issue remained unresolved. I displayed all kinds of emotion during this period. I was angry, frustrated, agitated, and felt very helpless. A bank official told me that nothing I did could GUARANTEE a swift action in my favour, which frustrated me the more as the situation seemed more hopeless.

I began to give up. I was tired of going back and forth. I felt no one cared about me or the state of my account. I believed no one, who could, was willing to help me and I decided to just let the matter go. Then I prayed, “Okay God, I can’t do this no more, I’m handing off!” I had prayed for a solution all along and this time, I was done! I was saying what one would most likely call ‘the last prayer’ on the matter…..but you see, deep down, I wasn’t willing to let go just like that, so I prayed again, “Okay, Lord, this is my hard-earned money and I’m not willing to spare it or let anyone lay claim to it. I’m truly done going about looking for a solution and I’m trusting You now to step in and bring me a solution. In the mean time, I refuse to fret or worry my head over this matter!” Then suddenly, out of the blues, when I least expected, the solution came. The credit alert I had stopped being anxious about appeared on my phone. I got the solution I asked for!

Why did I bother to relay this long story? Well, I don’t mean to bore you with the seemingly ‘insignificant’ details of my life but I want to draw your attention to what I learnt from this experience.
1. God is mindful of every detail of your life. He cares about every little thing happening to/around you. Don’t ever think any issue is too unimportant to discuss with Him. I have learnt this over and over and I’m still learning till this moment.
2. Usually, the arm of flesh will always fail. God’s intervention on the other hand always guarantees a solution. He will always deliver, yes, you can take that to the bank!
3. Don’t give up! Never let go! Don’t let frustration over a seemingly unanswered prayer get the best of you. Don’t despair. Keep going, keep trusting, keep your hope alive, be tenacious about what you want while wholly leaning on the One who has all the answers. Keep your expectation intact but don’t worry or fret. Once you hand over to God, the destination is sure!

Okay, that’s it, I got my money back! I’m so giddy with happiness and I guess I just wanted to share it.?
Remain blessed!

© 2014 AyotundeElegbeleye
Jesus is LORD!

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