Make Time

I love writing. Perhaps I’m not what you’ll call a professional writer but I do love scribbling things – I love writing and I do not think I’m doing a whack job of it – nah!

Before now, I had made several futile attempts at blogging. Though I never stopped writing, somehow, I couldn’t keep up with blogging. I would start, then flunk out after a post or two. For most part, I blamed it on being too busy to keep up with consistent blogging – I told myself I needed to have more time on my hands in order for me to consistently post stuff on my blog. So, that was my main issue, CONSISTENCY, or the lack thereof.

I had been back and forth on this issue. I knew I wanted to blog but there was the issue of consistency and I kept telling myself, “Someday, when you have more time on your hands.” Well, the day has not approached till this moment and what I still have on my hands is more work. However, at some point, I made up my mind to do a simple thing – make time for what I love and want!

Armed with that determination, I created a new blog and on April 12, 2013, I made my first post on A year has gone by and surprisingly, I’m still here, blogging and having fun with it. Trust me, I’m still as busy as a bee but I tenaciously stuck to the plan to make time for my blog. I am so glad I did.

I have same advice for you, “Make time for what you love and want” (and I mean something healthy and profitable). Don’t abandon your desire or passion, fuel it and create time to nurse and nurture it. Be determined to give a piece of your time to what (or who) you love. Make time and you’ll be glad you did.

So, here’s congratulating myself on one year of consistent blogging. Now I need to keep that up and I know just the thing to do – “Make time.” You should do same too…

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