Happy Days…

When GSM phones were first introduced to us in Nigeria, there was so much excitement. People were now able to go about with mobile phones like it’s done in advanced countries. People could now communicate with loved ones to their hearts’ content. All that was needed was a simple purchase of a mobile phone of choice plus sim card, and voila! No more NITEL palaver….say bye to analog phone.

However, as much excitement as this new phenomenon generated, it was not affordable for the common man. Though everyone applauded the change, not everyone could enjoy it – as much as they would have loved to. At the time GSM phones newly arrived, they came with high prices that made it a bit impossible for the average Nigerian to own a personal mobile phone. Sim cards, for instance, were excruciatingly expensive. I remember vividly that a family friend got her MTN sim card for 16,000 naira (most likely the same amount someone earns as salary ooo), another family friend got his ECONET sim card for 12,000 naira and when GLO surfaced with a promo, the sim card was sold for 5,000 naira (still some huge sum!) Apart from the cost of sim cards, the call tariffs were quite on the high side and the cost of maintaining a mobile phone alone was enough to turn some people’s account red.

Back in da days, people could not afford to lose their sim cards…ahhh, na hypertension be dat ooo…lol.
image Sim cards used to be treasures of inestimable value, but the story ain’t the same today. Sim cards are now abundantly available and affordable – as low as 100 naira. If anyone loses theirs, a replacement is simply within reach. Surely, no condition is permanent!

So, who told you that unpleasant situation of yours would remain as it is? Who told you it won’t change for the better? Who told you better days aren’t already lurking around? Who told you, eh? Who told you such lies? Such was the sad story of Samaria in the days of Elisha. The famine was so grievous, women were cooking their own children for supper. It was so bad, even the king was helpless…

Then, out of the blues, Elisha said, “Listen! God ’s word! The famine’s over. This time tomorrow food will be plentiful—a handful of meal for a shekel; two handfuls of grain for a shekel. The market at the city gate will be buzzing.”2Kings 7:1(MSG)

It sounded crazy, and the king’s aide-de-camp didn’t hesitate to tell Elisha how crazy he was. Well, crazy or not, the story changed for the better. The siege was lifted. There was a total turn around. The question is, “Do you believe?”

Or, “Have you given up hope?”

Things are gonna turn around for your good, it’s real…

Happy days are here, you better believe it!

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Jesus is LORD!

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