On Sunday, one of the survivors of the Abuja motor park bomb blast was finally discharged after spending approximately 5 months in the hospital. She had to undergo several surgeries to stay alive and finally, though still in need of a walking aid, she was given a clean bill of health and was free to reunite with her family.

As I sat there listening to her recount all she went through and how grateful she was for the gift of life, I remembered, also, the harrowing story I read on Bella Naija, of the First Consultants Hospital doctor who survived ebola disease. She also expressed gratitude for another chance to live. At the same time, I recollected that just within the space of 2 months, 2 of my friends/co-workers had died, some of my friends had lost loved ones, some friends of mine had been hospitalised, some other ones had been involved in ghastly accidents and they escaped by a moment’s breath….

As those memories flooded me, I said to myself, “Ayotunde, imagine what people go through everyday….some barely escape, some, not a chance! Hmmmm, many of us have not experienced a fraction of these devastating situations, yet we murmur, we complain, we grumble, we refuse to give thanks, we wear long faces, we don’t show appreciation….and the list goes on. Father, please forgive us…..You just have to forgive us!”

Yes, many of us are insensitive like that. We think it’s just some stroke of luck that makes it possible for us to go about our daily lives unscathed and those who have been unfortunate…..well, they simply ran out of luck….and when we haven’t got what we think we deserve, we turn up our noses against God. Chai, we cannot be more wrong, and may God forgive us!!

My message is simple, “Think (right) and Thank (God). Give God His due (praise and lots of it) and God will give back to you (life in all its fullness). You didn’t get by each day through luck. All that time, it was God, and you owe Him rounds of APPLAUSE!textgram_1411508197Yesterday, I stumbled on this piece of song (more like a chant) performed by Hay Why Rap. I had the lyrics copied sometime ago and I think it’s so apt. Where I come from, chanting someone’s praise is one sure way of acknowledging him and declaring his fame. God deserves some praise chant from me, I’m gonna give it to Him and you should join me too…

I praise God because…

His excellency is in supremacy; His majesty is in dignity; His royalty is in loyalty; His authority is in totality. He is the head of all principality; Invisible but awesome in reality; Ogbonge in diversity; Odechi in brutality; Stretched far back as the oldest antiquity, yet He lives till eternity.

He is the only God of trinity that walks in unity with all integrity in purity coupled with tremendous velocity in gravity. Despite the density of His responsibility, there is no vacancy for impossibility because the capacity of His mentality is immensely higher than that of the graduate of any university.

Join me to declare His magnanimity because He is the Almighty God of sovereignty. Despite the atrocities and calamities that have befallen many in different cities, none came to our vicinity. Instead, we are granted serenity in our community without austerity.

God has been keeping us right from January, the goodness of His love is written in our diary, and He has done all these without collecting any salary. Right from creation, God has been our salvation. So let us give Him appreciation with a shout of acclamation. He has converted our sorrow into joy of tomorrow irrespective of the arrow targeted at our bone and marrow and that is why we are sure of a better tomorrow.

After lots of observation, I have come to this realisation that so many are still living in isolation, starvation, condemnation with great affliction…but for us, all the pressure, oppression, and suppression that could have brought about great tension and hypertension were brought under subjection beyond human comprehension. That is why we are not in detention, neither are we under prosecution. So let us shun every heart of condemnation and embrace celebration like people in ovation.

PRAISE YE THE LORD!!!textgram_1411538290

AyotundeElegbeleye 2014©
Jesus is LORD!

(Chant, courtesy Hay Why Rap)

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