Don’t be WICKED!

Almost a fortnight ago, a friend came to my office to deliver something I had earlier asked her to get for me. Seeing we are now operating a cashless society? and well, since I didn’t have prior knowledge that she was breezing into my office that day, I did not have sufficient cash on me to pay her. I told her she would get her money asap but for some reason (I blame it on busy schedule) I wasn’t able to contact her (though I carried her money around with me) and she didn’t contact me too. Last Friday, I was getting ready for a meeting when I noticed someone calling my phone repeatedly. Unfortunately, network was so bad, I couldn’t make out the person on the other end plus she did not make the call with her number stored on my phone, so there was no way to place her as the caller. I was already at the meeting when I received a text message from her (she wanted to know if I was in the office) but I could do nothing about that. I simply made a mental note that her money must get to her by Monday without fail.

On Monday, one of the ladies working in my office told me this friend of mine came looking for me on Friday and gave me the gist of what happened. According to her, the initial motive was not to come ask me for the money, but she came to the cash point around my office to make a bank transaction and lost her wallet in the process. She found herself in an impossible situation and she needed money, so she came looking for me. Imagine how frantically she would have tried to get-a-hold of me…..

When I heard the gist, I was touched. I imagined how ‘bad’ she must have felt when she needed money desperately and the ‘almost-sure’ source of provision for her at that moment failed. It’s like having money kept somewhere and when in dire need, you decide to fall back on what you have stored away but you are unable to access it. That can be very painful! Of course, I got her money across to her with immediate effect and apologised profusely for putting her in an uncomfortable situation (it wasn’t intentional).

A thought struck me there and then…..a thought about those who owe others money, especially those who BORROW money from others, and REFUSE to PAY back. It is alarming, that even among Christians, this act is so rampant. When in need of money, some people will almost roll-on-the-floor, begging for someone to bail them out by lending them some amount of money, with promises of paying back as soon as possible…..but alas, it’s all empty promises. Once they get the money they need and use it for what they needed it for, they conveniently forget to pay back. Sometimes, payback turns into a ‘hide and seek’ game. Every time they see the lender approaching or coming their way, they quickly duck into a corner or make a fast U-turn. Sometimes, they simply put on a bold face and refuse to acknowledge the lender or if they do, they pretend and refuse to make any reference to the money issue as if they have no debt to pay. Worst still, when the lender decides to brace up and ask for the money owed, the borrower feigns anger and raises unnecessary dust by trying to guilt-induce the lender with sanctimonious inferences….”After all, Christians ought to help one another…bla bla…” they’ll pretentiously moan…

Hear what the Bible says, “The WICKED borrow and NEVER pay back…” Psalm 37:21a (GNB – emphasis mine). It’s clear and simple, when you borrow from another and refuse to pay back, you are wicked (no be me talk am o, na Bible)! Sometimes, I wonder if those who do so ever think of how much their action might hurt, one way or the other, the one who was generous enough to lend them money when they desperately needed it. Not quite long ago, a colleague of mine was bemoaning what someone did to him. He acted, in good faith, as guarantor for this person, four years ago, when he needed a loan to pay his son’s school fees. This same son is now in final year and he has simply refused to pay back the loan, knowing well that his guarantor will incur his debt – and he is supposedly a pastor! I felt like shedding tears – what could be more wicked than that???

“Do NOT OWE ANYONE ANYTHING – except to love one another…” Romans 13:8 (ISV – emphasis mine). It is a complete opposite of a show of love when you owe and refuse to pay your debt. It is unchristian to do so! Yes, as opposed to those who habitually borrow with no intention of paying back (some are pros at this sort of thing), sometimes, the means to pay back might genuinely not come handy. However, it is still the responsibility of the borrower to keep the lender up-to-date about such predicament and most importantly, devise other means of payment (possibly in instalment). Keeping mute as if nothing has happened, and expecting the lender to ‘understand’ is just as bad as being able, but refusing to pay back.

Let us all learn to live by what is popularly called ‘the golden rule’, “Do to others as you would like them do to you.” Luke 6:31 (NLT)

© 2014 AyotundeElegbeleye (Originally written for ThyPreciousJewels)

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