If you were a fan of FRIENDS (TV Show) like I was, and followed the episodes faithfully like I did, then you might remember a scene where Monica and Chandler were supposed to be celebrating their engagement with their friends and all attention was on them for the evening but somewhere in the midst of it all, Monica caught Rachael and Ross trying to ‘hook up’. Monica was furious and she accused Rachael (in her words) of “Stealing her Thunder!” In other words, Monica accused Rachael for trying to draw attention away from her celebration, possibly because the remotest idea of Rachael and Ross getting back together would be treated as a ‘big deal’ by others, which would shift focus/attention from Monica.

We are in the festive season – a season of celebration, but the question is, “Who’s really the celebrant? Who’s at the center of attraction?” Lemme ask, “Have you ever been to a wedding where everyone else but the couple gets the attention? Have you been to any social function where the camera crew focuses on everyone else but the celebrant of the occasion?” Nah, it’s not done! For any celebration, the celebrant has that day, that time, that moment, that period – it’s all about the celebrant, not any other!

If indeed we are celebrating Jesus this season, then we should really make it all about Him. DON’T STEAL HIS THUNDER! Let the focus be on Him, not the eating and drinking, the party, the get-together, the family reunion, the funfair, etc. I am not implying that those other things are out of place but they should not overshadow or draw attention from the essence of the season – Our Lord Jesus Christ! One way you and I can celebrate Jesus this period, and make Him the focus and center of attention/attraction is sharing and spreading His love. The main theme of Jesus’ visit to earth is LOVE. Love drove Him to do what He did for us. He had a mission of love – to the meek, the weak, the poor, the afflicted, the oppressed, the broken-hearted, the captive, the burdened soul, the mourner……

If we claim to be celebrating JESUS because He is the reason for the season, we must take up His mission of love, as much as lie in our capacity, and do the things He came to earth to do. Today (and throughout this celebration period), take up a cause for Jesus and celebrate Him the way He ought to be celebrated. Don’t Steal His Thunder!!!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas……and a Blessed 2015!24407944

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Jesus is LORD!

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