It’s Gon’ Be Nice!

I needed a new laptop. The one I had was misbehaving and slowing down my work, so I was desperate for another.

However, I had my desired specifications for the new laptop, particularly the size. I checked out laptops online and eventually settled for one that I thought suitable enough, so I ordered. I chose to pay online as opposed to paying cash on delivery and when I proceeded with payment, the system alerted that a transaction error had occurred; but since the seller confirmed my order via sms and my account was debited, I simply assumed the ‘transaction error’ was a hoax.

I waited excitedly for my laptop. When it came, I was not available, but I had delegated someone to take the delivery on my behalf. I found out, when I returned, that the laptop was not delivered. “Why?” I asked. It turned out that the transaction error was authentic and the seller did not receive my payment. It was expected that I would pay cash on delivery and since my ‘delegate’ didn’t have such cash, there was no way to pay and the package was returned.

What sort of thing is this? I was furious! I needed a new laptop like I needed the next meal and waiting on the bank to sort out the transaction error aggravated my frustration. I checked with the seller if the package could be returned and was told I had to re-order. When I got to the site, I discovered the price had increased by N5,000…I got more furious!!! In annoyance I decided to scout for another laptop. I found one and placed my order.

When the new laptop eventually came it was just the perfect package. The size, the colour, the weight, the appearance, the specs – everything was just as I desired – perfect. I even got a cheaper deal! I was very pleased. I thanked God profusely, not just because I eventually got the ‘long awaited’ laptop but also because I got my exact desire. It dawned on me, then, that if I had taken delivery of the initial laptop, it would have been a far cry from what I really wanted because it paled in comparison to the new one.

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Sometimes, our blessings seem delayed and the delay seems far stretched beyond what we can bear. Sometimes, we get so close to laying hold of our heart felt desire but due to one occurrence or the other, it slips off our hands. Sometimes, our well-laid-out-foolproof plan scatters and disappears before our eyes. We ponder and wonder why everything seems to be working against us. We think, “God, why is this/are these happening to me?”

Hear this:

“We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labour] ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER and are [FITTING INTO A PLAN] FOR GOOD to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose.” Romans 8:28 (AMP – emphasis mine)

All things are working together for your good. It may not be according to your plan, but it is for your good. It may not happen on time (your time, that is), but it is for your good. God causes all things (including the trials and troubles you’re going through now) to work out a carefully orchestrated divine plan for you. When you firmly believe this truth, then you can, in the face of any situation, calmly sing:

“It’s gon’ be nice, it’s gon’ be nice
Whatever’s in store for me, it’s gon’ be nice
It’s crazy right now Lord, but that’s when You’ll shine
I can’t stop shouting (for joy) knowing it’s gon’ be nice”

(Lyrics, Yolander Adams)

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© 2015 AyotundeElegbeleye (Originally written for ThyPreciousJewels)

Jesus is LORD!

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