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I accidentally stumbled on a mexican soap and watched a bit of it. As usual, it was all about lies, deceit, and scheming a rival out of love. In the part I watched, a lady who was interested in a guy planned against his fiancee and arranged for her to be seen by her fiance in a somewhat awkward position with another guy (who’s interested in her) so that it would appear like she’d be cheating on her fiance. The catch for the scheming lady is that the guy will call off his wedding (she made him promise to do so if she could provide a proof of his fiancee’s alleged unfaithfulness).

As expected, right there, the guy told the scheming lady that the wedding was off but the fiancee was not aware of the whole incidence. The guy also told his ‘bestie’ not to bother with making further arrangements for bachelor’s party because there was no wedding anymore. Fiance was supposed to meet his fiancee for a pre-wedding class and he decided to break the news to her then. When they finally saw each other, before fiance could open his mouth to drop the bombshell, fiancee started to ‘confess’ what had transpired earlier in the day. She told fiance that she had gone to see the guy she promised not to see anymore but that she was tricked into the situation (someone sent her a distressing message about the guy). She was sorry and asked for forgiveness…and…bingo…the wedding was back on (it became clear that she had no hidden agenda). She didn’t even know about the disaster that almost struck, her single act of sincerity and honesty averted a looming disaster.

“Honesty is the best policy.” Sometimes, it may not be the easiest feat, but it is still the best thing. Integrity is a hallmark of Christianity. It is the nature of God (“ALL His ways are JUST….” Deuteronomy 32:4) and we can’t claim to be His children if we do not share His nature.

Are you upright?
Are you sincere?
Are you trustworthy?
Is probity part of your virtues?
Is your word your bond?
Do you say one thing, yet mean another (Proverbs 23:7)?
Are you proficient in the act of lying (white, black, pink, green, etc)?
Do you bear false witness?
Are your dealings with others plain and straight forward or dubious, crafty, and negatively shrewd?
Do you give and/or receive bribe?

Joseph was a man of integrity; Judas was not. The two of them knew God (in fact, Judas had a better deal, so to speak) but ended differently – the former, gloriously; the latter, shamefully.

“Whoever walks in integrity will be delivered, but he who is crooked in his ways will suddenly fall.” Proverbs 28:18 (ESV)

“Whoever lives honestly will be safe. Whoever lives dishonestly will fall all at once.” Proverbs 28:18 (NOG)unnamed (1)

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