Get off your high horse

There is no employer without employees.
There is no king without subjects.
There is no merchant without customers.
There is no teacher without students.
There is no leader without followers.

The day an employer loses his employees is the day he loses his means of livelihood. No one to work for him, so no money comes to him.

The day a king’s subjects reject him is the day he loses his throne. No one to pay obeisance to him, so no one to exert authority over.

A merchant goes out of business the day his customers stop patronizing him. Who will a teacher teach if there are no students? And how can someone be branded a leader if there is no one following?

Let’s face it, the lofty position anyone occupies is made relevant by the seemingly ‘lowly’ people. If they are not present, he/she is terribly inconsequential.

Don’t think too highly of yourself…as more important or more relevant than others. If you are high up there, it’s probably because someone is down there, helping to hold you up.


© 2016 AyotundeElegbeleye
Jesus is LORD!

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