April 1st?

Two days ago, I was checking dates (for the next class) with my students and I said, “next week Thursday is April 1st, right?” They all agreed with me. I even made a joke about not allowing anyone ‘fool’ them into missing class, cos class was sure to hold.

Today, I was doing a mental scan of some dates in April and noticed an error in calculation. One of these dates fell on a Sunday (I was sure cos I had previously checked the calendar to note it), but by my April 1st ‘calculation’, it fell on a Saturday. Now, I knew I had miscalculated. Apparently, I skipped March 31st (no be my fault, I dey think plenty tinz), which is originally Thursday and jumped to April 1st, claiming and making it the ‘new’ (improved) Thursday.

Here’s where it got interesting to me…none of my students queried my assertion and that made me wonder. Not a single one of them tried to figure out the exact date individually (I am sure if they did, someone would have noticed the error and pointed it out). All of them simply chorused ‘aye’ and the error was stamped! Well, thankfully, it’s not a fatal error!! Why didn’t someone try to figure it out? Because the teacher said so and it had to be true, so no need for further verification? Actually, if I did that to test them, they would have failed woefully…but it was an error in judgement, on my part…and because they accepted my assertion hook, line, sinker…they fell into same error.

This same tendency is clear in most of our everyday dealings. When someone makes an assertion, we gobble it up, because it is supposedly coming from a source tagged ‘authority’ and we don’t bother to ‘turn the information over’ and figure it out ourselves because we erroneously think/believe, “it just has to be right/correct, since it’s ‘so and so’ who said it.” Well, guess what? Everyone is prone to error in judgement and when we fail to take the responsibility to make our own findings…and own our truth…then we continue in error.

No one knows it all. No one is the custodian of all truths, save God. There is absolutely nothing wrong with ‘figuring it out yourself’ and if you discover an error in what you have been told; if you find the accuracy or authenticity of the information questionable, you have done no wrong if you challenge it! You may become unpopular with the ‘rest’ for daring to challenge the status quo…never mind…even Jesus was unpopular (among a certain sect) in His days.

Speaking of Jesus, here’s wishing y’all blessed Easter celebrations. May the purpose of this season find renewed significance in your lives, amen.

Jesus is LORD!
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