Fan Switch

The ceiling fan’s switch malfunctioned, so I got an electrician to fix it. He replaced it with one ‘fancy’ switch like that – never seen the type before, never handled its kind before. Well, I thought regulating the switch to control the speed of the fan wouldn’t be such a big deal, so, I didn’t bother to ask the electrician questions. How wrong I was!

Now, I am not a fan of too much breeze, in fact, it gives me the chills, but what I believed (in my ignorance) to be the lowest speed of the fan turned out to be too much for me and since I thought that was the ‘slowest’ the fan could go, I had to endure too much breeze – every night (the heat situation didn’t encourage the option of switching off)! Oh, how I suffered!!

Then, last night, when I couldn’t bear the breeze anymore, I decided to switch off the fan. As I walked towards the switch, I told myself, “surely, this fan can rotate slower than this, I just need to figure out how the switch operates,” so I studied the switch closely, turned the knob in a particular direction (it didn’t seem to make sense at that moment, but my hand had a mind of its own) and just like that, fan’s speed reduced…chai! Ignorance is not bliss, I can attest to that, and what you don’t know can surely make you suffer. Ignorance is dangerous!

“Ignorant people get what their foolishness deserves, but the clever are rewarded with knowledge.” Proverbs 14:18 (GNT)

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6a (NKJV)

Pursue knowledge (in important areas of life); “To know about things makes a man stronger.” Proverbs 24:5b (EasyEnglish)

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Jesus is LORD!

4 thoughts on “Fan Switch

  1. Lol, to use your slang’ see ur life outside’ common fan almost got you but you conquered(y)truly fancy hi-tech beats me. most times, not to embarrass myself ‘lode’ I just pretend to know and get myself the online manual as fast as I can furtively get it,thank God for real- time age Y_Y knowledge is empowering ^5
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    1. Hahaha. Abi o, see my life ‘lode’. I do that too – the ‘get quick help from google’ thingy but it didn’t even cross my mind with the fan switch. Well, we learn everyday?

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