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The guy at the car wash was done; just a minute of inspection to see he had done a thorough job before paying up and I’d be off to run the important errand for the day. He bragged that he cleaned the boot very well, so off to the boot to have a look, and yes, I saw something – the cover to the compartment that houses the jack and stuff was gone! “Ehn! What is happening here?” I asked the guy who washed the car, he claimed he did not set his eye on the missing item.

I remembered mum checked the compartment few days back, while I was cleaning out the boot at her place – perhaps she unintentionally removed the cover from the boot. I called her to find out and she said she was sure she did not remove it. So where could this thing be? E no get leg to waka nau. Lord, you know I hate looking for things!

I was running late and getting irritably impatient. Then mum asked me if I had disposed the debris I gathered from the boot. I told her I had done so. “Maybe you mistakenly packed it with the debris,” she opined. She then told me to go have a look in the trash bin. Yuck! The thought of scavenging the trash bin in public totally irritated me. I told her the bin would have since been emptied. She asked me to check still. I became more irritated. I told her I was running late and would check at my return. The call ended. She called again, trying to persuade me to go ‘scavenge’ because, who knows, the trash collectors might empty the bin before my return and it would be too late to recover the missing item. “Na wah o. No one is even sure that the bin had not been emptied or that the missing item mistakenly found its way into the trash, so what’s with this palavar na?” I quietly seethed.

At that moment, I was too frustrated to even think clearly and the catalyst of that frustration was not so much about running late for the errand as it was about having to scavenge the trash bin. Me? Scavenge? Trash bin? In my fine office attire? Ha, tufi! God forbid badt tinzzz.¬†However, in the midst of all that, I felt a strong impression in my spirit to do as told. I headed back to my crib, went straight for the bin; few seconds of scavenging, behold what was missing! I learnt a lesson….

I despised what I needed to do because it appeared demeaning. It didn’t seem like the perfect solution, even though it was obviously the most rational option. If I had walked away, I would probably have lost that item.

“Do not DESPISE this small beginning” Zechariah 4:10a (AMP – emphasis mine).

I want to believe that ‘small beginning’ here can connote several things. In our day-to-day encounters, we experience situations, interactions, information, etc that we consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously despise in our hearts. To us, they seem too lowly—too below standard—too outdated—too old-fashioned—too boring—too small—too embarrassing—too despicable—too annoying—too disgusting—too bland—too smelly—too dull—too uninteresting—too cheap—too this—too that—name it! We despise and discard because they do not fit our lofty expectations. Worse still, about these things, we don’t give the Holy Spirit a chance to give us true revelations.

Michal despised David. To her, his action was too base for a man of his pedigree. It cost her the blessing of fertility (2Samuel 6:16, 20, 23). Haman despised Mordecai. As far as Haman’s arrogance was concerned, Mordecai’s action was too humiliating. Well, it cost him his life (Esther 3:5; 5:14; 7:10). What/Who do you despise? Ask God for a touch of grace….

© 2016 AyotundeElegbeleye (Originally written for ThyPreciousJewels)

Jesus is LORD!


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