Do as you would be done by (episode 3)

“Let’s just say I am no more interested in being a part of the choir.” Sope dropped the bombshell when Wande asked her about rehearsal.

“Why? What happened? First, Toks and now you.” Wande paced the room. “You guys are driving me crazy. Just spill it, will ya? What is going on?”

“Why don’t you ask madam Beatrice?”

“What did Beatrice do again?” Wande knew the answer before Sope responded. “She ran her mouth abi?”

“Yup! You know her quite well. Now, everyone is talking about it and acting all sanctimonious.” Sope closed her laptop and placed it on the bedside drawer. “Look, you better be on your way to rehearsal before you completely run late. As for me, I am done. I can’t deal.”

Wande got to the venue of rehearsal and met an empty space. No one was there, except Beatrice, of course.

Clap clap. Wande applauded Beatrice as she approached her. “Good job Beatrice, you succeeded in making the choir non-existent.”

Beatrice didn’t utter a word.

“Tell me,” Wande continued, “how do you feel? You are a leader with no followers. Does that make you happy?”

“A leader always has followers,” Beatrice retorted.

“Really! And where are yours?” Wande looked around for emphasis. “Oh, I remember, you chased them all away.”

“There’s such thing as auditions, my dear,” Beatrice smiled calmly. “There are other interested people out there.”

Wande was shocked. Beatrice did not even feel a bit remorseful. “Wow! I am speechless! Well then, I should show myself out. I definitely don’t belong here.”

Wande fumed on her way back to the hostel. The nerve of that Beatrice girl! She’s usually a calm person but the rage she felt within her was second to none. She wasn’t about to let this matter rest – no. She headed towards Aishat’s hostel. As the vice president, this latest development would surely not be news to her. They made a promise at the meeting that this matter would not get beyond the hearing of excos and choir members. If everyone in the fellowship has become privy to it, then someone has breached ¬†trust and agreement. Someone’s got some explaining to do.

“No rehearsal today…or did you guys have an early start and are already done?” Aishat asked Wande after they exchanged pleasantries.

“What do you think?” Wande maintained a straight face.

Aishat didn’t understand the question, neither could she decipher Wande’s expression. She responded with a ‘i-don’t-quite-get’ facial expression.

“Okay, I will break it down for you,” Wande’s straight face still held. “As of this moment, Shine Jesus Shine fellowship does not have a choir. The choir unit has been disbanded.”

“What are you talking about?” Aishat queried. “Who disbanded the choir?”

“Well, you tell me.”

“Tell you what?” Aishat gave Wande a quizzical look. “Wande, I honestly don’t know what you’re driving at. Speak to me in plain language, please.”

“I remember, vividly, that you guys promised that none of the Janet/Nonso matter will filter to other fellowship members. So tell me, how did it become common knowledge?” Wande demanded.

Aishat sighed, her face registering her understanding of the situation. “I get you now. I was also furious when I learnt of it. Beatrice told someone that Janet was on suspension, and well, she also had to explain why, and that someone aided the spread.” She sat on her bed. Truth be told, Beatrice didn’t handle this well. She should have simply zipped her mouth.”

“Did you say Janet and Nonso are on suspension?” Wande had a bewirlded look on her face. “Did it have to get that far?”

“That was Beatrice’s submission and we couldn’t really overrule her decision since she is the choir coordinator. That’s her jurisdiction. Some other exco members also voted in her favour.”

“Pharisees!” Wande muttered under her breath. She turned to leave. “Anyway, you guys can also join her in setting up a new choir. That’s her new ambition.”

“That’s nonsense!” Aishat objected. “It won’t happen. Beatrice can’t hold us all to ransom. I will see to the matter.”

To be cont’d…

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