Do as you would be done by (episode 4)

The choristers of Shine Jesus Shine fellowship insisted that they would not return to the choir group as long as Beatrice remained the choir coordinator. This was championed by Toks and Sope. 

“We can’t subject ourselves to a tyrant,” Toks claimed.

“Imagine ooo, tyranny in the house of God, I can’t deal abeg, hian!” Sope announced.

“Yes ooo, say no to spiritual tyranny!” Others chorused.

Aishat was able to prevail over the situation. “Please, calm down. Let’s do it this way…let’s have an assistant choir coordinator. That way, Beatrice won’t be making unilateral decisions.  I am looking at a situation where we’ll all be able to work harmoniously and tolerate one another’s flaws and weaknesses.”

The suggestion sounded good to the choristers and they unanimously nominated Wande as the new assistant coordinator.

“She’s the perfect person for the job,” Toks mentioned when nomination was on.

“Why not you?” Aishat asked.

“Me ke?” Toks’ eyes widened, her pupils almost popping. “I can’t work closely with her ooo, one of us will kill the other, shikena.”

Everyone laughed.

Beatrice was not privy to the nomination meeting. Aishat had called the meeting for the purpose of persuading the choristers to return to their duty post and to encourage them. She knew her appeal might fall on deaf ears if Beatrice were to be there. Aishat thanked the choristers and promised to take their unanimous decision back to the excos and have it endorsed.

“One more thing,” Wande spoke up, getting everyone’s attention. “Would it be possible for almighty excos to lift Janet and Nonso’s suspension? Since we are starting over, sort of, it’d be nice to have them back too.”

Everyone agreed. Aishat assured them that she would do everything possible to have their request granted.

Few weeks down the line, everything went back to normal – well, almost normal. Beatrice was still considered ‘a pain’ by most of the choristers, however Wande’s position cushioned the effect and mediated peace.

They were preparing for their ‘big’ concert and had regular rehearsals than usual. As expected, the wear and tear of consistent rigorous practice caused constant frictions during rehearsals.
“Abeg, do, make we go o. I get other things to face.” Chinwe scowled as she took a seat. They had been on this stanza for yonks, on their feet, yet Beatrice wasn’t satisfied with their performance. She had asked them to go over it again but Chinwe already had enough; the rehearsal had been on for over four hours.

“You’re right,” Tricia lent her voice. “We have dragged this long enough and we are still meeting tomorrow,” she yawned for effect, “I think we should just call it a day.”

A murmur of agreement spread among the choristers.

Wande came to the rescue. “Peeps, let’s have at it one more time, then we can take a final break for today.” She clapped her hands to call and rouse them to action. “C’mon people, one more time, you can do this, let’s go.”

“Okay, just this once sha, cos me sef don tire,” John half complained.

“Yeah, just this once,” Wande nodded in affirmation. “C’mon, let’s go.”

Everyone gathered together and took their respective places. Beatrice stood in front of them, making eye contact with everyone.

“Just so you all know,” she scowled, “we leave when I say so. As the leader of this group, that is my prerogative and…”

“What oshisko is that?” Toks attacked Beatrice in mid-sentence, with a trail of long hiss.

Chinwe fell out of line and picked her bag, ready to take her leave. “You people should continue without me, I no dey dis kain thing, abeg.”

As usual, everyone started murmuring, expressing their displeasure. Chinwe made a move to leave, but Beatrice stopped her in mid-stride.

“As you step out, just note that you are no longer part of the concert,” Beatrice said.

This roused more aggravation.

“Jeez, who do you think you are sef?” Tricia was almost hysterical.

“Eeeeeeeh, na serious wah o. This lady dey fly very high horse sha. Hmmm, yeye dey smell.” Sope clapped hands together in disgust.

Nonso and Janet exchanged amused glances. Everywhere became chaotic as everyone expressed varying emotions. Wande tried to inject some order but no, choristers were past caring. Before she knew what was happening, they had packed their stuff and left one after the other – angrily. Beatrice stood there, unmoved.

“You are so full of yourself, you know,” Wande was clearly angry and her tone betrayed her emotion at that moment, “yet, you are not the most perfect being on earth.”

Silence. Beatrice stood like a cold stone, her face and body language devoid of emotion.

Wande continued her lecture as she walked towards her bag. “You need to get it through your skull that just like everyone, you are not without flaws, and you need to get off your high horse before it throws you off.” 
Beatrice turned blank eyes to Wande. They seemed to just look through her without really seeing her. Wande shook her head in dismay, picked her bag, and made for the door. At the door, she looked Beatrice in the eye. “Be careful, Tris. You might just be the only person singing at the concert. Now, let’s see how that will play out.” With that parting shot, Wande walked into the cool evening breeze. 

Aishat came to the rescue again. This time around, it was only Wande and Beatrice in attendance. At the end, they agreed that rehearsals would not extend beyond a certain time. Aishat encouraged Beatrice to be less high-handed with her group members. “High handedness doesn’t foster cordial relationships  and truth be told, a leader is no leader without followers,” Aishat told Beatrice. She instructed them to get the choristers back together and resume rehearsals.

To be cont’d…

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