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Hiya! Here, let me share another assignment I turned in (short story) for the creative writing course I took a while ago. Enjoy.


Johny trotted to the cramped living room. The tattered sofas barely left enough room for a foot. He dumped himself into one of the sofas, next to Rose, who busily peeled oranges.

“Where is Nneka?” Johny asked. He reached for a peeled orange.

Rose slapped his hand. “Did I peel it for you?” She eyed him contemptuously, then placed one in his stretched palm.

He devoured the orange, licking and smacking his lips noisily. “So, where is Nneka?”

“I don’t know. She didn’t tell me.” Rose picked the last orange. “Where is Obinna?”

“He went out.” Johny stretched, stifling a yawn and earning himself another contemptuous look.

“Stupid fellow,” Rose hissed. “All you know how to do is sleep while your mates are out there working.”

Loud snores drowned her words…


Later at night, the quartet huddled together in the cramped living room. Obinna was about to share a business idea with them.

“I went to see my friend today, the one I told you about,” Obinna’s words rolled out fast, “he is making cool money – lots of it – and he has given me the password.”

Nneka’s ears perked. “Tell us, biko. I am interested.”

“Me too.” Rose adjusted herself on the edge of the sofa.

Johny curled on the sofa, fast asleep. Spit drooled from the corner of his mouth. A slap from Rose jolted him.

“What?” He screamed.

“Pay attention idiot,” Rose hissed. “There’s a business deal. Are you in or out?”

Johny indicated interest.

“As I was saying,” Obinna continued, “the business is very lucrative…but first things first.”

He informed them about the requirements of the business; someone to source for jobs, two persons to execute jobs, and a driver. They eagerly nominated themselves for positions. Obinna will be in charge of sourcing, Nneka and Rose will take care of the execution, and Johny will be the driver.

Johny yawned loudly. He needed to get back to sleep. “Now tell us the kind of business we are getting into.”

Obinna shifted uneasily. This was the unpleasant part of the discussion.

“We are waiting,” Nneka said.

Obinna braced up. “Shit business,” he whispered.

“What???” The trio chorused simultaneously, their expressions catatonic.

Johny snapped. He jumped from the sofa. “Never!”

“Count me out,” Rose spat angrily.

“Nonsense!” Nneka stood to leave. “I’m off to sleep, biko.”

“Chill out and listen,” Obinna’s voice boomed. “There’s a golden opportunity here. Guys, shit business is good business, don’t you know?”

“Your father!” Rose stormed out of the room.

Two pairs of eyes glared at Obinna, glistening wickedly. If looks could kill, he would be dead twice over.


So, what do you think? Would you do shitimages business????

© 2016 AyotundeElegbeleye
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