Akpors Praised the Lord


Akpors won a bet and got a horse…

However, to ride the horse successfully, he had to learn the ‘START’ and ‘STOP’ passwords…

To start the horse, Akpors must say, “Praise the Lord,” and to stop the horse, he will say, “Alleluia.”

Akpors quickly memorized the passwords as he eagerly jumped on the horse for his very first ride on horseback. As the horse, an energetic fast runner galloped away, Akpors suddenly noticed that it headed towards a huge gulf. He frantically tried to recall the ‘stop’ password to no avail. He sweated profusely thinking the end had finally come. Just as the horse got to the edge of the gulf, he remembered the ‘stop’ password and shouted, “Alleluia!” The horse stopped.

Akpors was so very grateful to God for saving him from sudden death that he shouted, “Praise the Lord,”…and there was a great fall…ouch!!!

“It is good to praise the Lord


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Jesus is LORD!

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