I sat on the toilet bowl, trying so hard to empty my bowel to no avail. The bowel movement came on strongly but the stool resisted ‘solidly’. I stood, I paced, I sat, I drank water and all but still couldn’t pass anything. I was in great discomfort. I found myself calling Jesus to come to my rescue. “Jesus, You have to help me out of this,” I prayed. After a while, it came to my mind to lubricate the ‘point of exit’ so I grabbed my anointing oil. I sat back on the toilet bowl expecting to defecate with ease but no way. Then came the thought: “Ayotunde, you will need to push now.” So I mustered all my strength and pushed hard—really hard. Behold, my deliverance!

Here’s what I learnt from this experience: “Sometimes, for you to get to your desired end, you must combine spiritual exercise (prayer, anointing, etc) with deliberate actions targeted at achieving your goals.” Prayer will enhance your efforts and the Holy Spirit will ease the process but praying, then settling down to ‘watch life happen’ may amount to a waste of time and energy, no matter the volume of anointing oil you pour on yourself.

This year, you got to PUSH harder. You got to step out (of that comfort zone) and go for the goal. You got to be more determined. You got to seek and seize opportunities. You got to add specific goal-oriented actions to your prayers. I got to do same too.

“Faith without WORKS is DEAD.” James 2:20b (KJV)

“Faith without ACTIONS is WORTHLESS.” James 2:20b (ISV)

“Faith which DOES NOTHING is USELESS.” James 2:20b (GWT)

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Jesus is LORD!

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