Right? Wrong? A matter of PERSPECTIVE

Sometime ago, someone posted a neurological screening test on one of the whatsapp groups I belong to. There were three parts to the test:

1. Find ‘C’ among several ‘O’s
2. Find ‘6’ in the midst of a sea of ‘9’s
3. Find ‘N’ hidden among many ‘M’s

My discovery:
A vertical point of view (on my phone) placed ‘C’ on line fourteen (14); ‘6’ on line eight (8); and ‘N’ on line three (3). However, the horizontal view put ‘C’ on line seven (7); ‘6’ on line four (4); and ‘N’ on line two (2).

Now, that was the view I got from my phone. By the way, my phone’s screen is 5.5″. Imagine someone viewing same test from a 5″ screen or a 2″ screen or a 10″ screen etc. You will agree with me that there will be varying conclusions and in the real sense of it, everyone’s conclusion will probably be right/correct based on the different viewing angles (even my phone produced different, yet accurate information from two different viewing angles).


Many times, what one considers right or correct is simply based on one’s perspective – one’s viewing angle, which is mostly influenced by several factors such as upbringing/background, culture, religion, personal experience/bias/view/opinion, environment, hearsay, etc. Someone else may not share same opinion and this does not necessarily mean they are wrong; they are simply viewing same thing from another angle – their (not another’s) perspective!

Moral: Learn to respect others’ views and opinions. You may not agree with them but don’t shove yours down their throats and then go ahead to label and/or castigate them when they don’t agree or accept.

Although this is a learning process for most but learn, we must. Sometimes, it’s not a matter of right or wrong; it’s a matter of perspective!

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