I officially met Tade’s mum at his dad’s burial…

After spending five weeks of practically seeing each other every other day and spending endless time on chats and calls, I knew I was hooked. I get attached so easily, you see. Tade also seemed so much into me and that fuelled the attraction and attachment greatly. Then, on the eve of his return to US, he said he didn’t want to let go. Ahhhh, ’tis was music to my soul.

So we became ‘official’ and the agreement was that his next visit to Naija would be sooner and lengthier. We had excellent communication and emotional connection and that helped with the long distance. He told his parents about me and even made me speak to them a couple of times. His dad always had a cheerful air about him but his mum seemed withdrawn, which didn’t matter much then – all that mattered was that they knew who I was. I was their son, Tade Magbadelo’s girlfriend.

Tade’s plan to make another business trip to Naija was underway when tragedy struck. His dad, who had gone to bed with no warning signs suffered a heart attack in his sleep and passed on. The sudden and tragic death stalled Tade’s plans and he had to delay his trip till burial time.

I spoke to Tade’s mum about three times after his dad’s demise. She was more withdrawn than before but that was understandable as she was dealing with grief over the loss of her husband. I was at their Maitama house after few days of their return to Naija for the burial (I thought to give Tade time to settle in and take care of some pending stuff) and as expected, Tade was all too eager and happy to see me. In fact, he kept me glued to his side. I couldn’t say the same for his mum though. She simply refused to step out to the sitting room where I was. The excuse was that she wasn’t receiving any visitor at that moment – never mind that some other people (family and friends, perhaps) had access to where she was supposedly ‘cocooned’ upstairs. When she wouldn’t come to me, Tade tried dragging me to her but I already felt like an intruder so I politely declined.

“Don’t worry babe, let her be. I will see her soon enough.”

“But I want her to meet you,” Tade protested.

“And she will,” I responded with a plastered smile, “she is going through a lot at the moment and I understand.”

Tade didn’t look convinced. If he had his way, he’d haul me upstairs and dump me at his mum’s feet.

“Darling,” he grabbed my hand, “it will only take few minutes. Wa kan y’oju si won…just show your face and greet her. That’s all.”


Tade slightly pulled me towards the stairs. “Oya nau, ko ni pe, just a minute.”

“Ani rara se,” I pulled back. “Sweetie, I said no. Let’s not barge in on her like that…ko nice beyen. I am sure she wants to meet me when she is feeling better and well put together, not when she is in a sour mood. Let’s show her some courtesy, so gbo.”

I blew him a kiss and that calmed him. We left his mum alone and went about other things.

I was present at all the burial ‘services’ (you know how we do it in Naija). I even met some of Tade’s friends and relatives but not his mum. She was quite inaccessible and since I was the newcomer and my boo was neck-deep in all that was going on, I maintained my lane. I finally got the chance to meet her ‘royal highness’ at the reception. Tade took me to her and practically shoved me in her face. That was the only way to get her audience.

“Mum,” he called her attention away from the people around her, “Arinola has asked after you. O fe ki yin. Say hello to her.”

I moved close to her and knelt. “E kasan ma. Good afternoon ma.”

“Bawo ni o? S’alaafia?” She responded calmly.

“A dupe ma.” I greeted her and offered my condolences, again.

“E se o. Thank you so much.”

Tade interjected. “Mummy, did you forget? She’s my girlfriend, Arinola. E ranti e ni?”

She looked at her son. “Oh, is this the girl who spoke to me few times on the phone?” Tade affirmed with a nod and then she looked at me. “Ah, how are you? Pele. Ki ni nkan? Ile nko o? How are your people? Ah, e se o, e ku idide. E pele gan.”

I didn’t see the expression in her eyes because she wore dark shades but she hardly smiled and her tone was casual and dismissive, just like saying hello to someone she considered unimportant.

To be cont’d…

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