It was quite glaring that Mrs. Magbadelo didn’t want me as a potential daughter-in-law. I tried to win her affection but for some reason beyond my comprehension, she simply didn’t care for my existence in her son’s life. Actually, the reason (or at least, one of the reasons) wasn’t totally lost on me. One of the days I went visiting, before her return to US, she drilled me with questions about my background and other related stuff. It was clear to me that she didn’t consider me fit to be associated with her prestigious family so intimately. In fact, all through the visit, she didn’t stop mentioning a particular lady’s name every time she spoke to Tade.

“I didn’t see Tomike at the burial, is she out of the country?” She chimed on one occasion. “It’s been a while since you and Tomike hung out together. You should ask her to visit the next time she’s in US. Tell her I am hoping to see her soon,” she sing-sang on another occasion. In short, she subtly drummed it into my ears that she had a preferred choice for her only son.

“I don’t think your mum likes me that much,” I voiced my concern to Tade on our way back from the airport. His mum returned to US two weeks after the burial but he stayed back to attend to business matters.

“C’mon dear, why would you say something like that?”

I gave him a download of my observations.

He looked at me like I was some funny cartoon character and laughed. “You sha! You analyse too much. Darling, mum is just a conservative woman. That’s her nature…plus these are trying times for her. Don’t worry my love, she will come around soon.”

“Hmm…smooth talk.”

He smiled and planted a peck on my cheek. “And I love you too.”

With business concluded, Tade returned to US but before he did, we decided that it would be good for me to get a Masters’ degree from a university in the United States. For one, it puts us in the same geographical space, especially since Tade’s business trips to Nigeria would be greatly reduced now that he had become CEO in his dad’s stead. So, we set out to take necessary steps in making that happen.

My admission to study Human Resource Management at Florida International University came through. Tade and I were excited; we’d finally put the distance behind us. Although it wasn’t quite easy, I got my tuition and other expenses sorted, with God’s help.

“Why won’t you allow me pitch in?” Tade queried during one of our conversations.

“Because I am not your responsibility, at least not yet.”

“Hmm, okay ooo, if you say so.”

“Yes ooo, I say so.”

“But you go allow me spoil you small when you reach o, abi? Na me be the only family you get for Miami o,” he said jokingly.

“Ehn, when I reach, we go dey talk that one.”

He also insisted that I’d stay in their house and commute to and fro school. He also allayed my worries about his mum’s reaction to the idea. “She’d be okay with it,” he promised. Well, saving extra money sounded like a good plan so I accepted.

I packed my kaya and went off to Miami for my postgraduate studies and of course, to be with my one and only. Of course, Tade’s mum protested against the idea of me living with them. She told her son that I should have made necessary provisions for accommodation before leaving my home to another man’s land. Tade persuaded her, in fact, more like begged her to allow me stay, admitting the role he played in my decision. Her ‘highness’ finally agreed after scolding us.

“Young man,” she said to her son, “I forgive you this one but don’t think you can go around making decisions without my approval in this house. Is that okay?”

Tade responded in the affirmative.

Then she turned to me, “Iwo n ti e, US is not a ‘free lunch zone’ o. People work hard here to make a living for themselves ni. I hope you won’t be depending on freebies. S’o ti gbo.”

“Mo gbo ma,” I responded.

I made a mental note to find another accommodation as soon as possible. I didn’t blame her so much for being a bit offended because after all, it was her house and she had the right to know, as well as approve who goes in and comes out. However, the last thing I would allow was someone label me as ‘oshofree’. Lailai!

To be cont’d…

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