We quarrelled on Saturday and Sunday evening, Tade was at my place bearing fast food from Burger King. He had called earlier to mend things and offered to take me out but I wasn’t really interested in playing ‘date’ so I declined. He came in the evening nonetheless and we managed to sort out our differences.

He apologised profusely on his mum’s behalf and at the same time rationalised her actions effortlessly. He was obviously trying hard to keep the peace and I thought to give him a break.

“It’s okay babe, let’s just forget the wahala and focus on other things,” I said.

He responded with a big grin.

“But really, momsie needs to stop interfering in your decisions…in fact, our decisions o. You’re not a kid na, haba!”

“Honey, don’t blame her too much, please. I have always been her baby, you know. She only needs to adjust to the new reality.”

“Eyin big babies yi sef, una be risky venture jare. Akebaje!” I rolled my eyes mockingly.


“Don’t worry my love,” he tried to reassure me, “as soon as we marry, everything will balance out.”

Things seemed to move on smoothly from there and we fixed another date. This time, her ‘royal highness’ came up with another excuse and suggested a family member in Nigeria as her representative at the ceremony. I was livid?. I told Tade that if his mum wouldn’t be physically present at the ceremony, then I would take that to mean her opposition to our union and in that case, she was free to have him because I would be so done with mother and son! Somehow, Tade was able to sway his mum’s decision and off we went to Nigeria for the introduction.

All through the ceremony, she maintained her indifferent, uninterested exterior although she managed to smile once or twice. Since I had never known her to be overtly excited about anything since meeting her and her son always claimed that as her natural disposition, I somewhat deluded myself into ‘accepting her as she was’. I even made excuse for her when my mum raised the issue of her attitude out of concern. A se mo n tan ara mi ni; ‘foolish Galatian’ that I was!?

My first move, after we returned to Miami, was to suggest that we go house hunting. Tade accepted without hesitation and my heart soared. We were on a good track, after all. We went house hunting and made our choice – a lovely 3-bedroom condominium. The plan was to set up our new home before tying the knot but for some reason, it just didn’t happen. The usual excuses na ni…

“Why the hurry, honey? We’ll move as soon as we get married,” Tade told me barely a month to our wedding.

“When we’d be honey-mooning and settling in? C’mon!” I protested.

“We’ll get help with setting up the house. That’s why we have interior decorators, my dear.”

“So, why can’t we start the process now?” I sensed he was about to give a ‘mummy’ excuse and said, “I’m not asking you to live there right away but we can start work on making the place ready abi no be our new home we suppose move to as soon as we marry ni? If it’s not ready by then, what happens?”

Arinola, trust me. Ha, o ti le tenu mo nkan ju! Trust me when I say our new home will be ready when we are ready to move in.”

“Okay ooo, te ba so be, uncle Tade.”

The hustle and bustle of wedding preparation plus school work pushed the house issue out of my conscious mind…and he also told me to trust him, didn’t he? For all I knew, Tade might be planning a surprise for me. Oh, how he surprised me! One afternoon like that, just about a week to the wedding, my phone beeped and what did I see?

To be cont’d…

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Jesus is LORD!

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