I didn’t sleep a wink that night; I tossed and turned and tossed some more. For all I knew, I might actually be pregnant and the thought sent shivers down my spine. It would have been a great idea to give Oyinade a baby brother or sister, under different circumstances, but as it were, Tade and I hadn’t resolved our real issues in spite of the lovey dovey. Though Tade had made many transatlantic efforts to woo me (and yes, I was officially wooed?); though he’d stood up to his mum in recent times (and that was a good sign); he still lived with his mum and that would always be a deal breaker.

In the two months that Tade and I had communicated back and forth, discussing very intimate details of our lives, there hadn’t been a slight clue to show any plan towards complete emancipation from his mum. Since no such plan seemed to be underway, we could love up till eternity but there would be no getting back together. Never again would I live the same way I lived as a new bride. There was just no way on planet earth that I’d ‘build a home’ in my mother-in-law’s house (ko le werk)  and bringing another child into the unsolved equation would only complicate issues. “Oh Lord, this can’t be,” I groaned.

I didn’t waste any time the next morning. Having had a sleepless night, I needed to know my status like I needed my next breath. I knew I’d never be at rest until I got to the bottom of the matter so I got myself a PT and did the needful. Two lines, pregnant status confirmed! I had thought I’d be somewhat distressed if it turned out positive but I was strangely amused that our unplanned quickie at Miami Beach made me pregnant. It had happened so fast, we didn’t know what hit us until the deed got done.

It was the last day of our trip; I’d woken up in the wee hours and couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to play with my phone while Oyinade slept peacefully. I came across a funny video on my phone and forwarded to some of my whatsapp contacts, including Tade.

“What are you doing up?” Tade’s message came in within seconds. I actually  thought he’d be sleeping.

“Sleep don comot my eye,” I replied.

“Need some company?”

“Errr, not really. What are you doing up too?”

Tade was at my door in a jiffy (not sure he read my response sef) and I let him in. To avoid disrupting Oyinade’s sleep, we sat snugly on the couch, watching the funny video I sent, and well, at some point, rekindled emotions took over and the firecracker exploded. Kaboom?! We should have shown more restraint, especially with Oyinade few feet away but the giddy thought of being caught in the act probably spiked the excitement and urgency. We totally threw caution to the wind, acted irresponsibly and now, the result – another baby on the way. Phew! I decided to keep the Spa appointment, after all; it would definitely help with some feel-good hormones and Lord knew I needed just that.

Tade was all too eager to know what’s up. The moment we connected via video chat and exchanged few pleasantries, he threw the question at me.

“So, gist me, are we pregnant?”

“You wish,” I scoffed. I planned to torment him a bit as he was having too much fun at my expense.

“So, it’s a false alarm?”

“Before nko? No be you raise alarm?”

“Hmm…why don’t I believe you? Oya, show me the test strip.”

“Ahn, ahn, se won ran e si mi ni? Dem send you to me?”

“Oya, tell me the truth na. Are we pregnant?”

“What makes you think I lied to you in the first place?”

“Actually, I have observed you for a while. The signs are all over you, same as when you were pregnant with Sheila.”

“Ehen?” I checked myself, “you don’t say!”

The guy even sabi more than me sef, no use pretending, so I told him what he wanted to hear. Yes, we don get belle?. He was quite ecstatic.

“Go and tell momsie you don give person belle o,” I teased, “I’m sure she won’t readily agree that you’re responsible.”

“Why not? She knows we made love ke.”

“Tade! Must your mum know every tiny detail about your life?”

“Don’t get me wrong jare,” he laughed, “I didn’t go running to her to share our intimate moment. Oro lo mu oro wa. When we returned from our trip, I sat her down and made her understand that I’d do just about anything to have you back with me. I told her I’d fight for us in every way. That part kinda slipped out ni jare. I needed her to understand that I wasn’t gonna hold back and she has to get on board with us.”

Wow, cat got my tongue!

“I even told her I pray a child results from our sexcapade,” he winked.

“Hmm, Wooli Agba, Most Senior Apostle, na you take my matter to ‘ori oke’ abi?”

“Yels ke.”


Tade’s words warmed my heart and put me at ease. Come what may, I knew he’d be there for me all the way but I still would not consider going back to him while still living under same roof with momsie. That reservation remained as solid as the rock of Gibraltar.

My mum thought I was too stubborn for my own good.

“Ehn, igba ti oro de ti ri bo se ri yi, since belle matter don enter am, won’t you start considering getting back with your husband?”

“We are back together na, abi how belle take enter am?” I joked.

“Se iyen ni mo n ba e so ni? That’s not my bone of contention jare, what I mean is you going back home to your husband and daughter.”

“Mummy, se e n le mi ni? You dey pursue me for my papa house?

“Be serious joor. Mi o ba e sere ke. This is no joke. Your husband has made every effort that any omoluabi can make. You need to meet him half way. And Olorun de ti ba yin se, oyun ti wo aarin yen. Even God is in this, what else do you need?”

“Mummy, I need him to live in his own house o. That’s my greatest need now.”

“Then tell him ke. The two of you talk all night as if tomorrow will never come yet you can’t tell him your deepest desire? Ki le wa n ri so? O ma se o. What’s the usefulness of your late night discussions?”

“Ahn, ahn, mummy, ko le ye yin, old school leyin nau, you be old school mama,” I mocked, “the way we new school folks play love is quite different o. We can chat 24 hours sef, all na love play.”

“Mo gbo ti e. I hear you. Let your many chats be more productive is all I’m saying.”

“Ah! What better way of being productive than carrying belle, mummy?”

“Sun fun mi joor,” she shooed me, “leave my sight if you are not ready to take me serious.”

“Okay, okay, I am serious now. The thing is that I have decided to let Tade make that decision himself. He is a grown man and he needs to take that step without anyone talking him into it. From where I stand, that is the main proof of his disengagement from his mum’s apron strings.”

“O da o. How long will you wait till he comes to that realisation?”

“As long as it takes,” I said those words without really meaning them deep down.

“You are too stubborn for my liking.”

Things progressed nicely. Pregnancy treated me well and love surrounded me. I felt it, even across the ocean. Some weeks down the line, as Christmas approached, father and daughter harassed me ceaselessly about the idea of spending Christmas in Miami. My mum joined the gang too. I sat on the fence. I wasn’t too keen on being around Tade’s mum in my pregnant state. Flashbacks of pure emotional and mental torture from the first preggers experience wouldn’t let me be. “You guys can come to Naija nau,” I suggested.

A week to Christmas, someone knocked on my office door and at my prompt, opened and entered.

“I’ve come to take you to lunch,” the all familiar voice jolted me.

I nearly emptied my bladder out of overwhelming excitement. My handsome bloke was standing right there, grinning at me. I flung myself into his arms and clung to him like my life depended on it.

“Oh my Lord, what are you doing here?”

“Well, first, I’m here to take you to lunch. My wife and baby need to feed.”


“And take you home afterwards…my wife and baby need to rest.”

I punched his arm. “Silly!”

When we got home, I met another surprise. My daughter! Tade didn’t tell me he came with her and I just assumed her paternal grandma was babysitting her for that period. My excitement knew no bounds. It turned out they both connived to surprise me with a Christmas visit. Yay?. Tade had more up his sleeve. That night, as he rocked me gently in his arms and whispered sweet nothings in my ears, he asked me to marry him, again.

“Marry me, my darling,” he said.

“We are already married, did you forget?” I teased.

“Yes, we are but I wanna renew my vows to you. I want a fresh start for you, me, Sheila, and the baby.”

Mum’s words echoed in my head. It was time to talk about my reservation.

“My love,” I sat straight, “I want a fresh start too but living with your mum is one hell I don’t wish to go through ever again.”

Tade smiled. He got up from the bed and fished out an envelope from his luggage. He handed it to me.

“What’s this?”

“Open it.”

I opened the envelope and the contents spilled out. Pictures. I recognised the pictures from the school project I helped Oyinade with. The weeks before, she sent some pictures to me, requesting that I help her select the best house among the rest. When we finished with that, she asked me to help her pick the best interior decoration for the house. I was supposedly helping her with a school project when I was actually designing my to-be home. The two of them had connived all along and I was totally clueless?. Tade had taken the big step. He had gotten us a house of our own and furnished it to taste.

“It’s all set, baby. You’re the one delaying the move.”

Cat got my tongue again but my sincere feelings were clearly expressed in the passionate kiss we exchanged. My heart soared on cloud 999. I finally had what I wanted! That Christmas remained a memorable one for me. It was all joy, goodwill, and cheer, momsie sef no carry last, she was very well-behaved from a distance?.

Few weeks later, Tade and I renewed our vows to each other in a private beach ceremony; same beach where we  conceived our second child, a boy named Drew Akinade Magbadelo and we all lived happily ever after??

The End.

© 2017 AyotundeElegbeleye
Jesus is LORD!

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    1. Hahaha. Her majesty had no choice o jere. As it were, she stood the risk of losing connection with her son if she didn’t ‘sempe’?
      Thanks sis for following the story. I appreciate.

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