Social Media Etiquette (1)


Imagine it this way: If you belong to a group in real-time and you’d like a friend/an acquaintance to be a member of same group; you wouldn’t just hijack your friend, drag him/her to group’s meeting arena and dump him/her there. Or would you do that? I think not (well, if you do, we need to give you psyche evaluationšŸ˜œ)! What you’d most likely do is tell your friend about the group and extend a membership invitation, which he/she can freely accept or decline.

Ehen. Same thing goes for virtual groups. Don’t add people to groups just ‘cos it’s cyberspace and you can do as you like. Nah! Extend an invitation. Tell them about the group, ask them if they are interested in membership and if they’d like you to add them. If you get a yes, good for you. If it’s a no, good luck to you too.

You might say, “shebi they can always leave if they don’t want to be in the group,” and I say, “shebi you can always allow them decide whether they want to be in the group in the first place.” Okay, what I’m saying is that it won’t take anything from you to ask people if they want to be in a group before you add them to such groups – it’s actually the polite thing to do and while it doesn’t bother some, it infuriates others. Since you don’t know who is who, it’s always safe to err on the side of caution.

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