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Few days ago, I stumbled on ‘Lost in Lagos Magazine’ (Vol 1.7, August 2017). The central theme of this particular Issue is food and the way I turned page after page, you’d think I’m one foodie like that. I wish! At any rate, my ‘sojourn’ was not in vain. On page 27, I found an interesting piece on Nigerian Food Myths. Now, that really caught my attention.

Lemme share some of them (which you’ve most likely come across sef, if you’re Nigerian like me?):

If you eat ‘fish eyes’ (oju eja), you will become unintelligent (olodo)/your eyes become big (ojuyobo).

This reminds me of the Yoruba song: “Olodo rabata, oju eja lo mo o je” (used to taunt children who flunk academics claiming they are unintelligent because they only know how to eat ‘fish eyes’). Not cool!

If you eat ‘chicken bum’ (furo adiye…ewww?), you will become talkative.

Does the chicken ‘talk’ with its anus? I wonder.

If you eat snail, your growth/progress will be very slow.

All ye ‘peppered snail eaters’, thou hast been warned!

If you eat beans, you will grow taller.

Yinmu. My friend told me she ate ‘uncountable’ beans while growing up, yet she is ever short!

If you swallow the seed of a fruit, its tree will grow in your stomach.

Hmm, awon aye! World pipu!!

Highly ‘impossicant’…well, except your village spirit is following you sha.

If you eat your meat before you finish your meal, you are a glutton.

Please epp me decipher the correlation between timing of ‘meat eating’ and gluttony because ayam not understanding.

If you eat snail while pregnant, your baby will be a drooler (‘drip mouth’).

Yeah, right!

There is no empirical evidence to support this assertion. On the contrary, there’s scientific evidence that snail meat, which is an excellent source of minerals, has great nutritional benefits for pregnant women.

If a pregnant woman cooks moin-moin, it won’t cook properly.

I am literally rolling my eyes now. Pregnancy hormones no dey gel with moin-moin abi? Moin-moin ko, ebiripo ni. 

If you talk while picking chicken feathers, the feathers will keep growing back.

Na winch? 

If you eat (while standing) by the door post, you won’t have a full stomach.

I guess some invisible forces will be at work, eating the food off your plate. Issorait. Continuu.

If you eat while standing, the food goes straight to your legs and makes them swell.


There is no real empirical evidence of negative digestive effects of eating while standing. In fact, if you’d like to burn more calories, you may want to consider the idea.

If food falls from your plate to the ground, don’t pick and eat; the devil already tasted it!

Hmm! Tiri gbosas!!!

Of course, you shouldn’t pick and eat food that falls to the ground because it is unhygienic, not because the devil tasted it.

Whish devu? Devil ko, ojuju ni.

What other food myths do you know? Share and let’s demystify…


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  1. Hahahahaha you are on point on all those don’t do this don’t that ooo, we were so gullible on all of it then ooo. ???? may God help us

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