Social Media Etiquette (2)


Since last week or so, a very disgusting/repulsive/horrific video about a woman with maggot-infested scalp/skull has been circulating on whatsapp (trust whatsapp folks to forward anything and everything). I’ve had that video sent to me about six different times. The first view thoroughly traumatised me and the sight of the video (even without viewing it) at subsequent times traumatised me the more because each time it’s sighted, the gory details of what I saw when I first viewed the clip come rushing back. I pray I don’t see it again because the next person that sends it to me might be the recipient of pent-up frustration.

I had my suspicion and questions about the video, especially how it suddenly sprang up as accompaniment to a post that had circulated earlier with no accompanying video. Apparently, someone thought a horrendous video would drive home the point, which turned out to be a hoax. Quite ridiculous!

According to Huffpost (, the story about the law firm PA who had maggots burrowing into her skull because of human hair from corpse has circulated since 2010…it resurfaced in 2013…and now, it’s made a comeback in 2017. In each version of the story so far, the lady’s name has changed from Krystal to Irene to Liami and the location from Namibia to Kenya, which definitely casts a shadow of doubt on its authenticity, plus the law firm seems to have no name and the salon no get name too. It’s just like one whatsapp post like that; when I first saw it, it had Pastor Adeboye’s name on it and the next time I saw it, Pastor Olukoya’s name was attached to it – same post o, hian! Apart from that, before human hair is turned to weaves/wigs/etc, it gets washed, sorted, treated, and possibly dyed so even IF it had any larvae/eggs on it, that would have been taken care of during processing – again, making the story less authentic. By the way, people have encountered flesh-eating worms/maggots that had absolutely nothing to do with weaves, Lord have mercy!

I don’t use weaves (haven’t had one fixed in yonks) so no be like say I wan do propaganda but there are certain things I’d like to emphasise:

1. IT’S NOT A MUST TO FORWARD every post you get on whatsapp. At least, try to authenticate it before you join the bandwagon of those spreading hoaxes (I have also not perfected this process 100% but I am very much wary of whatsapp bcs).

2. Please, please, you may have the stomach for gory stuff but consider the recipient of your forwarded pictures/videos. Not everyone can stomach such and YOU DON’T HAVE TO FORWARD everything you come across on social media, especially if it’s not a nice sight to behold! If you must (for genuine reasons other than ‘compulsive forwarding’), then by all means include a warning so that the recipient can decide whether to view or to discard.

Thank you.

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