Social Media Etiquette (3)


So, I read on a friend’s facebook timeline how someone learnt about her brother’s death from a facebook post. A dear friend of mine also found out about her mum’s death on facebook. Imagine! What a wawu!! I can somewhat relate cos I had the first inkling about my dad’s death via a phone call from someone I hadn’t been in contact with for yonks. This person just called me out of the blues, with an unknown number sef, and as soon as I picked the call, na to say, “Ah, my sister, I am so sorry about your dad’s death bla bla bla,” no greeting, no introduction, no courtesy, nothing! I remember screaming, “Who is this? Who is this?” Very tactless somebori! Suffice to say that someone else had called me that morning but he being a better pikin first conversed with me to figure out if I already heard the news and when he observed that I was still ignorant of what had happened, he just let me be. Now, that is tact!

Why, oh why, will you race to social media (particularly facebook) to post about someone’s demise when no family member has done so? What’s your own? Gbà ràn mí d’elérù, má fi lò mí n dá si, sobólóyoké (busybody for short😜)! Kí lón já e l’ára je? Wetin dey pepper you for body? Aproko much? I know bad news travel fast and all that but eskees me, why do you have to be the harbinger of bad news sef? What’s up with the ‘ìròyìn àgbáyé’ (world news) stunt? Does it come with some type of emolument? Abi Zuckyboy dey pay ni? If na so, abeg, e jò ó, e já mi si o😜😜😁

On a serious note, dear Social Media user, please learn some sensitivity. Do due diligence and be sure you’re not springing a rude/shocking surprise on a family member with your “Ah, ó mà se, eni reré lo, good person don waka” post. If you can’t wait to be sure, then forever hold your peace. No one sent you in the first place.



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