ÈKÉTA OMO (Episode 2)

The adventures of Solape and her identical twin siblings Ololade and Omolola. She came 14 months after they were born and bear striking resemblance to them so she easily passes off as their triplet and ÈKÉTA OMO.

(On campus. Hostel. Ololade and Omolola quarreling. Solape walks into the room with Jane, a mutual friend)

Solape: What’s going on here? What’s with the noise pollution?

Omolola: (turns to Solape and Jane) Welcome jare. Is it not this Lolade girl? Can you imagine?

Solape: No, I can’t…imagine what?

Omolola: Guess who she agreed to date?

Solape: Who? Is the person bad?

(Ololade chuckles)

Omolola: Stop that joor. I’m being serious here.

Solape: Me too. What’s sele? Why are you upset? Is this person not a good fellow?

Omolola: He is a good fellow, only that he is off-limits.

Ololade: (laughs sarcastically) Says who?

Omolola: Me! I said so.

Ololade: You must be joking. Who are you to say so?

Solape: (cuts in) Hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up. What’s this? Are you two fighting over a guy? (laughs) Now, this is something.

Omolola: It’s not funny though…

Solape: No, it’s not, but it is laughable. Mtcheeeew. How can you two be fighting over a guy? (turns to Ololade) Who is this guy sef?

Ololade and Omolola: (in unison) Dave!

Solape: What? You are fighting over David? That’s interesting. But why? The last I checked, he is just a family friend, abi? When did a status upgrade happen? Abi I’m missing something ni? Have my sisters been ‘gbe-ing nkan gbeyin mi’? Have y’all been sneaking around behind my back?


Solape: Lolade? Molola? Oya, the two of you should talk na.

Jane: Yes o, you guys spill it. I’m interested in this gist.

Ololade: There’s nothing going on behind your back, Solape. Dave asked me out and I agreed. We have not even officially started anything o. This thing just happened yesterday fa. (flips hand in Omolola’s direction) I don’t know what her problem is jare.

Solape: Molola, ngbo? Why are you upset?

Omolola: Because he asked me out first.

Ololade: And you said no.

Omolola: I didn’t say no, liar! I told him to give it a bit of time so we can explore friendship some more.

Solape and Jane: (in unison) You friend-zoned him!

Ololade: Thank you ooo…and I said yes!

Omolola: Why would you say yes when you and I know I’d eventually agree to date him?

Ololade: What type of question is that? You are not interested and I am, so ki ni mo se ti o da? What did I do wrong?

Omolola: I never said I was not interested. You know that very well cos I told you about it. Traitor! That’s what you are!!

Ololade: Issokay. Come and beat me na.

Solape: But, err, Lolade, is it true that you know Molola is interested but playing hard to get?

Omolola: I am not playing hard to get. Everyone knows I like Dave! I just didn’t want to rush things and I told this evil twin here (eyes Ololade maliciously), but what did she do? She went behind my back and…

Ololade: (cuts Omolola short) And what? Did I toast him? To ba fe gbo, for your information, he asked me out not once…not twice sef!

Solape: Lolade, you sef no try, you should have told Molola that Dave was also chyking you na.

Omolola: Help me tell her o. Traitor!

Ololade: Call me whatever name you like, I don’t care. You’re not the only one who likes Dave. I like him too. You put him on hold and he didn’t want that. He came to me and as I’m not interested in taking it slow like you, I took the offer. Sue me!

Jane: If you ask me, I think this guy is playing both of you sha.

Solape: O su mi o. I tire. I can’t actually believe they are both fighting over same guy. Na like so una like him reach that you’d ditch sisterhood for him?


Solape: At any rate, Lolade, you still no try. I strongly feel you should have told Molola about Dave’s proposition. If the table turned, you’d have expected same gesture from her, not so?

(Ololade sets her face stubbornly)

Jane: Honestly, this guy isn’t worth it. How are you sure he’s not chyking other girls as well? This one that’s doing kurukere between sisters looks like a playboy to me sha.

Solape: A da fun e jare. Wa last. E go better for you, ore. I think the two of you should just forget him. He isn’t worth it. (hugs Omolola) Sis, forget Dave jere, he is not husband material.


Omolola: Yeah, she can have him…

To be cont’d…

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