Did He Rape Her?

From what I’m reading online, it appears many of us don’t know what rape is or isn’t.

In the trending case (See screenshots shared by Instagram user, @skukipeeshaun), the young man raped the young lady.

He made his case worse by sharing screenshots where he admitted that he pinned her down and force her to continue with intercourse after she asked him to stop.

I think there should be a law against what the lady did but that’s my personal opinion. I also learnt that Nigerian laws are silent about the withdrawal of consent, making this a grey area. However, his admission that he pinned her down weakens his case.

Please share your thoughts on this sensitive issue of rape.

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One thought on “Did He Rape Her?

  1. I’d say it’s dicey, considering how the law varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

    However, he exerted an amount of force when he pinned her down after she’d asked him to stop and that kinda nails him completely.

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