For the Love of IYÁN

Èkìtì kete, èyin dà???

Wey all my Èkìtì folks (and/or pounded yam lovers)? Come o, make I show you sontin!

Everyone knows that the Èkìtì delicacy is the one and only, almighty IYÁN (Pounded Yam). I’m not a foodie and I can say no to any food (well, white rice and stew is not in this category sha😜) but even my mama will always say, “if you pound yam and don’t invite Ayo to eat, na sin.”

My mama knows me wella😍. When it comes to pounded yam mattaz, I be correct Èkìtì geh😆. In fact, my love for pounded yam extends to poundo. I’d opt for poundo before I think of any other òkèlè – in my mind, na pounded yam I dey chop, béèni!😎

Bhet err, pounding yam no be ‘custard’ o. Ah, that thing sabi quench person, abeg. So, for those of us who have refused to coman goan lose functionality in one or both arms torí iyán, it’s poundo and/or food processor (yam pounder) to the rescue!

Some people say, “kò lè dà bí” (it isn’t the same), and me say, “kò kàn mí” (I care not)😛😁. Some have also argued that the yam flour used to make poundo might have àdàlú (fake tinz). In another vein, not everyone can readily afford a food processor. If you fit afford am sef, ‘nepa’ go gree you?😏

Toh, this na why I wan show you sontin.

This video exposes association of ‘poundy lovers’ to an alternative method of preparing the beloved ‘Èkìtì pudding’ with ‘original’ yam and without stress too!

Óyá, what are you waiting for? Let the experiment begin! E lo gb’ésu kaná kíá kíá (start cooking yam, fast)😉.

PS: This method won’t werk for industrial cooking, obviously😊.

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