ÈKÉTA OMO (Episode 3)

The adventures of Solape and her identical twin siblings Ololade and Omolola. She came 14 months after they were born and bear striking resemblance to them so she easily passes off as their triplet and ÈKÉTA OMO.

(On campus. Hostel. Omolola on the bed relaxing, Ololade watching TV, and Solape sitting at the reading table)

Solape: Lolade, please turn down the volume of that TV, I’m trying to meditate here.

Ololade: So, go to the field na and meditate all you want.

Solape: (eyeing Ololade) S’oro niyen? Which kain talk is that one? (hisses)


Solape: Only God knows what’s fascinating in that una BBNaija show. Not educative or informative, na so so boy and girl matter. Don’t you have better things to do?

Ololade: Na you sabi. Abeg, let me watch in peace.

Solape: (turns towards Omolola) Ehen, speaking of boy and girl, Molola, was it not you and Dave I saw all cozied up earlier today at the motion ground? I thought he broke your heart. (chuckles)

Omolola: That’s water under the bridge. We’re not at war, we’re still friends.

Solape: Hmm, you people were really cozying up sha.

Omolola: What’s your own?

Solape: Nothing o. If I didn’t know about him and Lolade ni, I’d have thought you guys had something going on.

Omolola: Jeez, just drop it!

Ololade: (eyes glued to the TV screen) Biko, stop calling my name in vain.

Solape: Issokay. I just dey talk my own ni o. I saw what I saw and I know what I saw.

Omolola: Wehdone, madam 20/20 vision.

(Omolola’s phone vibrates on the reading table. She rushes to pick the phone)

Solape: You better don’t break a leg. It’s only a text message…(checks phone’s LCD)…from Dave! Hmm, and some people will deny and say I didn’t see what I saw…hmm.

Omolola: Na you sabi. Face your own.

Solape: Ehen, that’s how you gon’ play it abi? Doing underG?

Omolola: What underG? Wo, lemme o. Your wahala is too much.

Solape: (turns attention to Ololade who’s still glued to the TV screen) Lolade, you dey dia dey pretend abi? No be your boyfriend somebody dey do kurukere with so? Lolade???

Omolola: Who’s doing kurukere?

Solape: You na ni.

Omolola: What kurukere is that?

Solape: You tell me!

Omolola: (sighs in resignation) Okay! I’ll spill, just so you stop accusing me. Yeah, Dave came back.

Solape: (hurriedly turns the reading chair to face Omolola directly) Tell me something!

Omolola: Well, he apologised for not handling the matter well. He thought I friend-zoned him and felt hurt cos he really wanted us to date. I told him my intention was not to friend-zone him.

Solape: So?

Omolola: So, he just sent me a message asking if I still want us to explore friendship or start dating.

Solape: And?

Omolola: And…I haven’t replied because you have interrogated me non-stop.

Ololade: (gaze still fixed on TV screen) You better hurry before someone else says yes and you start crying wolf.

Omolola: Stop beefing madam. No be me talk say make he comot ya side…eiissh.

Ololade: (laughs sarcastically) You wish! Na me comot him side, not the other way. Get over yourself, girlfriend!

Solape: (turns to Ololade) Ehen? Tell me something I don’t know!

Ololade: You heard me. I called off the relationship yesterday.

Solape: Why? The thing never reach two weeks sef.

Ololade: I simply decided that it was not worth being tagged a traitor and evil twin. (flips hand in Omolola’s direction) If she wants him, she can have him.

Solape: (claps hands in amusement) Eeeeeh, this una soap opera dey funny sha. This Dave guy must be really scintillating o, see as una dey pass am to each other like ball.

Ololade: Iwo lo mo. Na you sabi.

Omolola: Aproko.

(Jane’s room. Solape scrolls through pictures on her laptop)

Solape: Oya, come show me the picture of that dress na, I can’t find it.

Jane: I dey come. Keep scrolling, you can’t miss it.

(Solape scrolls on…then stops)

Solape: Err, Jane, come o, come and see sontin…

To be cont’d…

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