ÈKÉTA OMO (Episode 4)

The adventures of Solape and her identical twin siblings Ololade and Omolola. She came 14 months after they were born and bear striking resemblance to them so she easily passes off as their triplet and ÈKÉTA OMO.
(Jane’s room. Solape scrolls through pictures on her laptop)

Solape: Oya, come show me the picture of that dress na, I can’t find it.

Jane: I dey come. Keep scrolling, you can’t miss it.

(Scrolling…then stops)

Solape: Err, Jane, come o, come and see sontin.

Jane: What?

Solape: Come na, it’s on your lappy.

(Jane moves close to Solape)

Jane: Oya, ogini? What?

Solape: (points to a picture) Who’s this?

Jane: That’s IK, my sister’s boyfriend.

Solape: Did you just say boyfriend?

Jane: Yes o. In fact, more like fiancé sef. Although he hasn’t popped the question but we all know it’s only a matter of time. Na their graduation both families dey wait make wedding plans start in earnest.

Solape: (sits up on the bed) Wait! Wait!! Where did your sister meet him? She doesn’t even school here.

Jane: Which kin kwesion be dat? Dude lives in PH na, he only schools here. E don tay wey dem don dey date. Both families are aware sef, no be hide and seek o.

Solape: PH ke? Abi is this not David Ekwensi?

Jane: Yes, he’s Ekwensi but his name is Ikechuckwu and we call him IK. He lives in PH. I know his family wella, dis one no be dem say.

Solape: (claps hands) Eeeeeeh, wonders will never end. This dude na family friend o. His family lives in same estate as mine. Abi my eyes dey deceive me ni?

Jane: Ah! That means we’re talking about the same person jare. Shebi you remember that time at your place when I told you I came to your estate to check on my sister’s boyfriend who lives with his uncle?

Solape: Yeah, I remember…

Jane: This is the boyfriend I talked about na. His parents are in PH, but his uncle’s house is his home away from home.

Solape: Toooh. So, this guy na your sister’s boyfriend? And him name na IK?

Jane: Yes ke. Wetin dey?

Solape: Nothing o, bhet na Dave we dey call am sha.

Jane: Ehn, e fit be his other na-a-me but wait o…hol’ up…abi na that Dave wey your sisters dey…

Solape: (cuts in) Now you dey feel me! Na him na. My sisters’ one and only Dave.

Jane: Chineke!

Solape: Na real Jehofa! In fact, I just dey surprise as you talk say na your sister’s boyfriend he be.

Jane: Of course he is! Why would I be lying? (Jane sits on the bed and takes the laptop from Solape) In fact, let me show you some pictures (she proceeds to show Solape pictures of IK and her sister as well as IK’s family pictures). I sabi the dude weh weh ni, I no talk super story.

Solape: Eeeeeh, Da-fi-di! Na wah o. (scrutinises his family picture) This his mum sef looks familiar. Is she Igbo or Yoruba?

Jane: She is Yoruba. You sabi her?

Solape: Not exactly but I’m almost sure I’ve seen her before. She looks very familiar.

Jane: Maybe na familiar spirit.

Solape: (laughs) No joking.

Jane: Well, people dey resemble na. E fit be her look-alike.

Solape: Maybe sha.

Jane: Chai! I can’t believe wetin I dey see for this discovery channel o. So IK has been playing games with my sister? O di kwa egwu! Incredible!

Solape: Sly!

Jane: Choi! My sister must not hear this, she will just faint.

Solape: Ha! My sisters must hear this!! Abeg, show me the picture of that dress make I dey go. O n gbona felifeli. This hot news must not turn cold before it gets to them.

Jane: (laughs) You’re just an aproko. (puts one hand on her head) Chineke meeee, which kin yawa be dis na?

To be cont’d…

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