ÈKÉTA OMO (Episode 5)

The adventures of Solape and her identical twin siblings Ololade and Omolola. She came 14 months after they were born and bear striking resemblance to them so she easily passes off as their triplet and ÈKÉTA OMO.
(Jane sees Solape off. They bump into Dave aka IK)

Dave: Hey Jane.

Solape: (mutters under her breath) Look who we have here.

Dave: (to Jane) Fancy bumping into you out here. I actually plan to come say hi once I’m done checking on my coursemate. How na?

Jane: I dey o.

Solape: (huffs and mutters under her breath) Shioor…coursemate abi another unsuspecting prey.

Dave: (to Solape) Hello Solape. (surprised look) You two know each other?

Jane: Sure. We are buddies.

Dave: Wow. What a small world.

Solape: Small world indeed. You know this campus is not that big, everyone knows everyone.

Dave: (laughs).

Jane: I actually know IK from way back sha.

Solape: (feigns surprise) I-gini? His name is Dave o. Are you sure you know him?

Jane: (feigns surprise) Dave kwa?

Dave: (laughs nervously) Yes, I’m Dave and I’m also IK. My folks at home use my native name but most people know me by my second name.

Jane: Na only we your fomilik reserve the right to call you IK jare.

Solape: Really! Are you guys related?

Jane: Yes o, we are somewhat related considering he’s been dating my sister for yonks and wedding bells are getting set to ring. (she links her hand with Dave’s) This guy here is my prospective brother-in-law.

Solape: For real? (turns to Dave) Ngbo? Is that so?

Dave: (withdraws his hand from Jane’s) Well, Jane’s sister and I dated…

Jane: (cuts in) Dated ke? That’s past tense o.

Dave: That’s because your sister and I have been in an on and off relationship for some time now.

Jane: Pardon?

Dave: Jennie and I have not had a consistent relationship for a while.

Solape: Please what does that mean?

Dave: Err, Solape, this is kinda personal.

Solape: Abegi, no give me all that personal yarn. I’m aware that you are actively trying to date one of my sisters. In fact, you dated the other one for a week plus but that’s story for another day. Unku, on behalf of my sister, I want to know what on and off/inconsistent relationship means.


Jane: Oya, answer na. I’m also interested in what you have to say.

Dave: (clears throat) I really don’t owe you guys an explanation. This is between me and your sisters.

Jane: Does Jennie know about this on and off relationship thingy or it’s all in your head?

Dave: Pardon?

Jane: I spoke to her two days ago and she still referred to you as she usually does – ‘my baby boo’, so I’m wondering if she’s aware of the inconsistency of your relationship.

Dave: I believe she’s aware.

Solape: And she still thinks you’re ‘boo’? She must be delusional niyen o, abi?

Dave: Well, I can’t control how she thinks, can I?

Solape: My sister nko? Does she know about your “inconsistent relationship” with someone else?

Dave: I’ll tell her when we start dating officially. That’s the plan.

Solape: Really! What exactly do you plan telling her then? “Please accept me the way I am and manage till I resolve my on and off relationship”?

Jane: I wonder. Chai, I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Odiegwu! Hian!!!

Dave: Please, stop making a mountain out of a molehill. Solape, I really like your sister. I don’t intend to double-date.

Solape: But you intend to keep mute about your current relationship status so she won’t have the opportunity of making informed decision before saying yes to your dating proposition, shey?

Jane: Gbam!

Solape: With all due respect, you fall my hand big time. A guy who’d cause a rift between sisters can’t be trusted. Did you know my sisters had head butts because of you? Yet here you are, taken by someone else.

(Dave tries refuting Solape’s last sentence and Jane dares him with an intense stare)

Dave: I already apologised to Lola for the immaturity I displayed. Like I said, this is between me and your sister.

Jane: Oga, your immaturity is still on fleek.

Dave: Jane, please! I know the revelation about my relationship with your sister hurts but you don’t have to insult me.

Solape: She is right though. Abi is there any maturity in not breaking clean from one relationship before hopping into another? You no try at all.

Dave: Well, as I said earlier, this matter is…

Solape and Jane: (in unison, sarcastically) Between me and your sisters!

Dave: (rolls eyes) Glad we can agree on that.

Solape: Unku, speak for yourself o. Emi Omosolape, I’m already in the middle of this. (turns to Jane) Biko, make I leave you with your prospective brother-in-law. Just as I said before, my sisters…

Solape and Jane: (in unison) Must hear this!

To be cont’d…

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