ÈKÉTA OMO (Episode 7)

The adventures of Solape and her identical twin siblings Ololade and Omolola. She came 14 months after they were born and bear striking resemblance to them so she easily passes off as their triplet and ÈKÉTA OMO.
(Weekend. Jane and Solape hanging out at a park)

Solape: Have you given your sister the gist about Dave?

Jane: My dear, I haven’t o. She’d be devastated and I don’t want to distract her at the moment.

Solape: When will ‘Maku’ not die? What if he calls and breaks it off with her? Shouldn’t she at least be ready?

Jane: Toooh! No be for my mouth dem go hear say tisha mama chop winch. I won’t do his dirty job for him. He should be the one to tell her and his family, especially him mama.

Solape: Ehen, talking about his mama, I think I remember where I’ve seen her before. It was at a social function – burial ceremony. I even dug out a picture sef. (scrolls through pictures in phone’s gallery and shows Jane a picture) Look. Is she not the one in the background?

Jane: (looks closely) Yes, it’s unmistakably her. She stands out anywhere. Madam Mopelola omo Ajagbe herself.

Solape: Omo Ajagbe ke?

Jane: Yup. That’s what she calls herself. (looks at picture more closely) Wait sef, this looks like a picture from her father’s burial ceremony. I can tell by the fabric she has on in the picture. My mum has the same fabric and she was at the burial too.

Solape: Her father is late Chief Ajagbe?

Jane: Something like that.

Solape: Tooooh. Oro pesi je. Water yaff pass garri.

Jane: What are you talking about? You know her or her father?

Solape: I don’t know her like that but her alleged father is my maternal grandfather. You are right. This is a picture from late Chief Ajagbe’s burial.

Jane: Okay now! This is getting more interesting!

Solape: As in!

Jane: But she can’t be your aunt and you won’t know na.

Solape: Do you know all your relatives in this world?

Jane: But if she’s your mum’s sister, your mum would know about her family and that information would have somehow flowed to you so tay you go know IK sef.

Solape: That’s the issue! My grandpa had plenty women; more concubines than wives sef. Mum once told us that most of his children don’t know one another not to talk of having familial relationship.

Jane: Choi! Odikwa very serious and risky.

Solape: Let me call my mum. I have to get to the bottom of this.

(Solape calls her mum)

Mum: Hello.

Solape: Hello mummy.

Mum: Solape, bawo ni? How are you?

Solape: I’m fine, thank you ma. You nko? Se e fine? How are you doing?

Mum: Oluwa seun. I’m doing great, thank God. How are your sisters? Are you all doing fine?

Solape: We are doing very well, mummy.

Mum: Praise God.

Solape: Alleluia.

Mum: What’s up? This one that you called me out of the blues, hope I’m safe o.

Solape: (laughs) Ahn ahn, shey I can’t call my mummy again ni?

Mum: Ah! Your spontaneous calls are mostly loaded with undertones o, hmm. Before I know now, you’d be asking for an arm and a leg.


Solape: Haaa, my case has not gotten to that level na, mummy.

Mum: Okay o, if you say so. So, ki la ri gbo? What’s new in town?

Solape: I want to make an inquiry ni.

Mum: Go ahead.

Solape: Err, do you know if late grandpa had any child called Mopelola?

Mum: I believe so.

Solape: Believe so ke? You don’t know for sure?

Mum: I told you that we all don’t know ourselves so I can’t speak categorically on this subject.

Solape: Okay mum.

Mum: However, aunty Ajoke told me about one Mopelola at the burial. I didn’t get to meet her eventually but I saw her from a distance.

Solape: Interesting. Can you easily spot her in a picture?

Mum: I guess I can. What’s going on?

Solape: Nothing serious, mum. I’ll send a picture to you on WhatsApp in the next minute. See what you can make of it.

Mum: Okay.

(Solape cuts the call and sends a picture on WhatsApp. Her mum views it and types a response)

Mum: I can spot her in the background. She is the Mopelola. Aunty Ajoke said she’s based in PH or something.

Solape: Wow! That’s her description to the letter.

Mum: How did you come about her?

Solape: A friend of mine knows her. One information led to another and here we are.

Mum: What a small world!

Solape: It’s even smaller than you think, mum.

Mum: Ehen? Ki lo tun sele? What again?

Solape: Shebi you know Dave? Dave Ekwensi?

Mum: Yes. The Ekwensis’ son.

Solape: He’s the Ekwensis’ son alright but not the Ekwensis we know.

Mum: Really! How so?

Solape: Since we became neighbours, we always assumed he was their son cos he has always been with them and when both families became closer, we simply carried on with the assumption. He is not their son, he is the son of Engr Ekwensi’s older brother and guess what?

Mum: What?

Solape: Your half-sister is his mum. Dave is your nephew!

Mum: Really! Are you sure about this?

Solape: I’m 100% sure, mum. I’ve seen their family picture sef.

Mum: Wow! Who would have thought! So, does he know we’re family?

Solape: I’m sure he doesn’t.

Mum: Your sisters nko? Do they know Dave is their cousin?

Solape: They don’t, either.

Mum: You’re the only one who has this ‘intel’, abi? Hmm, Detective Omosolape!

Solape: (inserts a smiley) Emi niyen, mummy. Na me be dat.

Mum: So, what are you waiting for? Break the news to everyone and let’s have a family reunion.

Solape: You bet I will!

Mum: Okay, keep me posted. Bye for now.

Solape: Bye mum. Love you.

Mum: Love you too my darling.

(Solape turns to Jane who has been anxiously waiting for the outcome of the WhatsApp chat with her mum)

Jane: So?

Solape: (nods affirmatively) She’s my mum’s half-sister.

Jane: Chimo! So IK na una cousin? (claps hands) Wonders shall never end.

Solape: Na so I see am o.

Jane: Imagine that! This is super story…

Solape: (laughs) No kidding.

Jane: I can imagine the look on his face when he finds out he’s been chyking his cousins.

Solape: As in! The guy no try at all. It’s even good that you haven’t told your sister yet. He’ll probably have a brain reset after being shocked out of his senses when reality hits him. There’s still hope for them.

Jane: Tufia! I’m even itching to tell her now before he plays a fast one after learning the truth about how he’s related to you people. She needs to know what he’s been up to. I don’t trust him anymore. If he did this once, he’d most likely do it again. My sister no need that kin drama, abeg.

Solape: Fair enough! Me sef dey itch to share the discovery. (laughs sarcastically) I can’t wait to see Molola’s face.

Jane: Hmm! Queen of Aproko land. You should get a degree in Aprokology!



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