Social Media Etiquette (4)


Recently, while roaming cyberspace, I came across two different posts where these entrepreneurs practically went gaga on their customers on social media

just because the customers dared to express some reservations about their services. It was 😲! The insults/cuss words were out of this world.

Some days ago, I saw an IG advert of an item I liked and placed an order. The seller, nice lady, even offered free delivery (she has a friend living not too far from me) and I expressed my appreciation. The delivery came through but I noticed that the colour and design I received were different from what I ordered.

Feedback is important, so I sent her a message to confirm receipt of package and thank her for the free delivery. I also mentioned that I liked the item but the colour and design did not match what I specifically ordered. She explained that the colour thingy was an illusion – the colour she sent was the real colour I saw and ordered; na my eyes deceive me (she didn’t say that last bit though😜). She also apologized for not telling me about the change in design before sending the package (I guess she didn’t have that other design no more). I told her not to sweat it, it’s no biggie.

Then, something interesting happened! She said, “I just went to check your pictures now…,” mentioned her name and asked if it rang a bell. Of course, it rang many bells; we were high school classmates, imagine that!!! We exchanged pleasantries and all, however, I couldn’t help the thought of how awkward it’d have been if we had been impolite to each other before the discovery; you know, me being discourteous about the colour/design reservation or her being uncivil with her response🤔.

See ehn, just because you’re not face-to-face with the person you’re interacting with don’t mean you can/should hide behind your gadget and be discourteous…nah, it ain’t cool. Whatever you have to say to someone/anyone on social media, throw in some courtesy. Nothings says you can’t express differing opinions but while at it, don’t be brash and don’t hurl insults. Having said that, if you decide to drop courtesy at home before engaging someone on social media, don’t cry wolf if they return the favour in full measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over😂. Don’t give what you can’t take.

C’mon, let’s walk the courtesy road together; yes, we can.

PS: Err, this may not werk on social media platforms like RantHQ of FB, Twitter, and some IG blogs. If you’re not ready for subs, shades, sarcasm, high level savagery plus ogbonge insults, don’t engage…I repeat, DON’T ENGAGE! Ayaff talk my own o, ehen😛.


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