I Want My Womb Back

There’s this story of birth control gone wrong… husby connives with doctor to remove wifey’s womb😲 to stop her from bearing more children because he’s fed up with her giving birth like ‘eku edá (rat). She finds out and all hell is let loose. “I want my womb back,” wifey laments.

Find screenshots of the story below:

Na wah o, things are happening!

My question is, “Why did husby not opt for vasectomy?” He doesn’t want to use condom but he expects his wife to pop pills even when dem pills are somewhat harmful to her. Then, instead of using himself as ‘sacrificial lamb’, he donates his wife’s womb without her consent. What a selfish specie😏!

Although I don’t think the woman is totally absolved from blame (I don’t really fancy her lackadaisical approach to the child-bearing thingy, especially since they had an agreement on the number of children they wanted), the man no try at all. It takes two to tango, the two of them should have planned how to go about birth control together; not one carelessly thinking, “Oh well, I’m not God, if pregnancy comes, it comes nâ nìyen” and the other cunningly conniving to remove body parts without owner’s consent. Na ritual killer🙄?

He better donate his own sontin on the altar of sacrifice too; that way, they’ll be even😜😂🤣.

As for the unprofessional doctor, he should be dealt with!

What would you have done in this situation? Share your opinions.

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