I Don’t Like My Engagement Ring

A lady took to MumsNet platform on facebook to rant about her dissatisfaction with the engagement ring her fiance gave her. It seems like the ring did not ‘tick the right boxes’ and to top it all, according to her assessment, it is cheap. See her post below:

Some of the readers also expressed their disappointment in her post. See some comments below:

If I were the guy, I know I’d be taking back my ‘cheap’ ring. Yes please, can I have it back?😜

In my opinion, it is insolent to complain about a gift (and I’m talking in general terms now), especially to the giver’s hearing (the guy in this story will definitely get wind of this, I’m sure). You may not like it, but show some courtesy and appreciation, please!

By the way, chop knuckles👊🏽 Jessica Walters. Way to go! I don’t get what the fuss is about.

What do you think about this situation? Kindly drop your comments.


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