Samantha: “To what end, mum? What is the use of me forgiving him? After all he did to me? He is already married to my best friend and there is nothing anyone can do about it”.
Mama Samantha: “I know, my dear. But forgiveness is freedom. You will be free if you forgive him. I am not saying you should make up with him, but forgiveness is of the Lord. Now that we are praying and believing on God for your healing, I think you should let go of this hurt so that nothing can prevent your healing”.

After much persuasion from her mother, Samantha forgave him and he came back into the house.
Dozie: “Thanks for forgiving me, bae. I want to send you to a hospital in the UK for your eye treatment. I will take care of all the bills. The three of us will fly there together, you, me and your mother. We could leave the day after tomorrow if you are ready”.
Samantha: “It is a good idea but we went to see our pastor earlier in the day and he has given us some prayers and fasting to do, I think we should wait till we finish the prayers and fasting before we travel”.
Dozie: “Okay. I will join in the prayer and fasting then. Whatever it is that will cure you, count me in”.
Samantha: “Really? You fast? What will you tell your wife when she cooks and you refuse to eat?”
Dozie: “I don’t have a wife. What I have is a woman living with me and her time is up because she lied about being pregnant, now that the pregnancy is no more, she is leaving my house as soon as I get home”.

Samantha: “How can you say she is not your wife? Are you whining me?”
Dozie: “How can I whine you? Do you know that we have never stayed in the same room since we started living under the same roof? I have never given her a peck not to talk of touching her. In fact, we don’t talk and I don’t eat her food”.
Samantha: “Okay o, I have heard you”.
Dozie: “But babe, this your swollen eyes fit you o, you look sexier, I feel like kissing you, sef”. Dozie found himself falling deeper in love with Samantha despite her condition as he ran his finger on her face.
Samantha: “Go joh. You are running your mouth because I forgave you abi? Just wait for me to regain my sight, you will see what I will do to you. Kiss ko, sex ni, you better repent and give your life to God. Yeye child.” She threw the throw pillor on her chair at him.
Dozie: “Hahaha, my baby is calling me yeye child o. Okay, mummy Samantha, I have heard you. I will repent but not until I have done this”.
Samantha: “What?” Dozie drew close to her and covered her lips with a deep and passionate kiss that lasted for minutes. It was one of the longest kisses that they have had since they started dating.

They began to tease each other and Dozie was more than glad to have their days of exchanging banters back. He stayed with her long into the night before he went home.

Immediately he got to the house, Eno was waiting for him in the sitting room. She stopped him at the sitting room’s entrance door with her hands on her waist.

Eno: “And where are you coming from by this time of the night? Which married man stays outside leaving his wife till almost 11pm?”
Dozie: “Are you crazy or you are just stupid? What right have you to ask me about the time I chose to return to my home? Where were you all through yesterday? You think your mother’s lie last night is enough to keep you safe?”
Eno: “I don’t know what you are talking about. If you think you are going to use that as an escape route or looking for an excuse to cover up for your coming home late then you need to try harder. Only an irresponsible man keeps his wife waiting in the night”.
Dozie: “Don’t you ever refer to yourself as my wife again. If you must know, your time in my house has expired, the pregnancy that you capitalized on to get into my house is no more. I am not even sure any pregnancy existed but I will find out soon. Maybe it will interest you to know that I have made up with Samantha, my true love. Before I come back from the office tomorrow, I want you gone out of my life forever because I am going ahead to marry Samantha”.
Eno: “You lie! I repeat, you lie Dozie. If you think I am going to sit back and watch you bring in blind Samantha as a wife then you don’t know me. Have you seen her eyes? Do you know how that came about? Oh, because I allowed her to be alive right? Let’s see how you will go and marry her now”. She shouted uncontrollably, revealing her shocking secrets.

Dozie was taken aback by her ‘confession’. “How did you know that Samantha is blind? What do you mean by me not knowing how she became blind? Are you implying that you know something that we don’t know? In fact, what do you mean by you allowing her to be alive?”
Eno: “Erm … I … ah … I mean”. “I don’t know what you are talking about. Excuse me”. She left the door and returned to her room.
Dozie: “All I know is that your days in this house are numbered. You are leaving my house and my life for good” he shouted after her.

Two weeks later… 

Mama Samantha: “My daughter, I am glad that you have fully given your life to God and that you now know the power of prayers”.
Samantha: “Oh mum, it feels so good to fellowship with the Lord. If only I had been very prayerful before now, I am sure this sort of calamity wouldn’t have befallen me. All the same, I thank God for His mercies, even if I don’t regain my sight anymore, the fact that I have God is alone for me and I am sure that I shall see again at the resurrection on the last day”.
Mama Samantha: “I am very sure that you will see again. My God will do it because He is the impossibility specialist. Remember that tomorrow is the round off prayers for our fasting, we shall be in church all day tomorrow calling on God for mercy”.
Samantha: “Yes o, mum. I am prepared for it, indeed a day spent in the house of the Lord is more than a thousand elsewhere”.

The next day after work, Dozie drove to the hospital where Eno was admitted when she had the miscarriage. He wanted to send her away and he needed a good reason to do so especially since his parents will demand for explanations before they can approve his putting her away.

Dozie: “Doctor, I came in respect of my wife who had miscarriage sometimes ago. You see, she is pregnant again and I just want to ask the cause of the last miscarriage she had so that we can work at avoiding a repeat of that”. He lied.
Doctor: “Ah, I remember you. My patient’s hot tempered husband, I remember how you angrily left my office that day even though I wanted to tell you something very important about your wife’s health status at that time. Well, about your question, I don’t know why your wife had a miscarriage because there was actually no miscarriage”.
Dozie: “I don’t understand what you mean, doctor. Are you saying my wife is still carrying that pregnancy?”
Doctor: “There was never any pregnancy. I guess she was under pressure and that is why she put up that act. Wait a minute, didn’t her mother explain all these to you? She promised to tell you everything”. While he was talking, Dozie who was holding his iphone in his hand was recording his conversation with the doctor without his knowledge.
Dozie: “Thank you very much, doctor but I have to leave now”, he got up abruptly and left the office. From there, he drove straight to his parents house and after they listened to the doctor’s revelation on his phone, he left them and drove to his house. Eno was on her bed taking a nap when he kicked the door on her.
Eno: “Gosh, you scared me Dozie. I thought it was an armed robber that entered the house. Why did you bang the door like that?”
Dozie: “So, you still have mouth to talk? Not only are you a cheap prostitute and seductress, you are also a wicked and pathetic little liar. A pretender per excellence, that is what you are. God, I don’t even know what to think about your mother, to think that a woman in her right senses can mislead her own biological daughter this way is appalling”.
Eno: “Why are you calling me and my mother names? Are you drunk or something?”
Dozie: “Before I open my eyes and close them, you have packed your things and returned to your evil mother where you belong. You think you can trap me with any fake pregnancy? Well, my instincts told me that you were lying but for the sake of my mother’s political ambition, I decided to play along. As you know, the elections have come and gone and my mother won the position she contested for. Now is time for you to leave, this so called arrangee marriage is over”.
Eno: “What! You mean because your mother is now a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria you can now throw me out?”
Dozie: “No, I am throwing you out because I have confirmed that you were never pregnant for me. It was all a sham, a stunt you and your mother pulled to drag me into your miserable lives. My parents and I knew and that was why we never did any ceremony with you. If you remember, we didn’t even pay your bride price, we said we would pay and do the wine carrying and marriage proper when you give birth. So, wake up, there was no marriage whatsoever between us. The doctor at the hospital I took you to when you said you had a miscarriage has confirmed that you lied about the whole thing”.

Ashamed that her deeds had been found out, Eno packed her clothes into the only box she had and made for the door.

Eno: “I am glad I am even leaving you for good. You are such a senseless and insensitive man. The two months that I have been here are the worst months of my life. I know you are chasing me away so that you can marry Samantha but I promise you that I will deal with her. She will never have you.

What happens next?

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