Do To Others What You Want Done To You

Hehehehe, laff wan throway my wig. You see this video ehn, e sweet my belle weh weh🤣. This reminds me of something that happened sometime ago. I had contemplated doing a writeup on it but kept pushing it off. This video just gave me the ginger I needed cos I so relate.

I’m in this whatsapp group and one time like that, I won a quiz. My prize was N500 recharge card. Then, someone in the group contested the result of the quiz/prize and though it initially passed as a joke, this person went on and on and even said na lawyer go epp us resolve am. Kí la gbé, kí le jù?😩

To be sincere, I believed it was a joke (although I wasn’t too familiar with this person to be sure) but the on and on sarcastic remarks grated my nerves so much that I decided to throw in some sarcasm as well. In response to ‘the lawyer’ comment, I told this person (and her hype-person) that I’d willingly bequeath the prize to them because the fee they’d pay a lawyer would be too much compared to the shíkíní moni wey dem dey contest.

Na so hanty vex talk say hope I know say she dey joke because she sabi afford more than the prize sef, in fact, she sabi double the amount for me (because I look like person wey no fit afford recharge card, àbí🙄). I talk say hope she know say I dey joke too bhet no, she refused to accept my comment as a joke and posited that I made insulting insinuations with my comment (bhet her own sarcastic comments na joke, if I hear!) When admin waded in and set her straight, she got more upset and left the group😏.

Isn’t it amazing how we can dish unpleasant stuff to others but when same is done to us, we cry wolf? Isn’t it wonderful how we can be so full of hypocritical double standards? See ehn, “if you can’t take it, don’t dish it,” period! Let me say it the way Jesus did: “Do to others what you want done to you.” If you willfully hurt/wrong others, you have absolutely no moral justification to complain or play victim when you’re paid back in same coin. When you are served the same bitter pill you give others, àwé, you better swallow it and hold your peace. If you don’t want it done to you, don’t do it to others.

Issa simple sontin! Tenkiu.


Jesus is LORD!

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