Airport Vigilance

Zainab Aliyu and Ibrahim Abubakar have just been released from detention (since December, 2018) in Saudi Arabia.

They could have been executed if they weren’t sufficiently proven innocent of drug trafficking crime.

According to Zainab’s sister, it was discovered that some airport officials at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport were able to tag a bag containing illicit drugs with Zainab’s name because the luggage Zainab checked in was not up to the maximum Kg so she still had room for ‘extra luggage’ and they took advantage of that. The same thing happened to Ibrahim Abubakar. In fact, according to the sister, their mum also had an unknown luggage tagged with her name but thankfully, it wasn’t anything illicit so it passed safely🙉.

Zainab’s sister said that the airport officials arrested in connection with this atrocity confessed that someone brought the bag to them to send to Saudi Arabia. In other words, some airport officials possibly ‘sell’ people’s extra Kg to other people and someone will think they travelled with just their luggage, not knowing there is/might be an unknown luggage linked to them as well🙆🏽‍♀️.

People of this world are getting more desperately wicked, we have to constantly shine our eyes 👀 👁️ (get extra pairs, if possible) and take extra measures. One can’t be too careful these days. With these kinds of things happening now, being overly paranoid will no longer be a flaw but an added advantage. After all, my people will say: *”ojú l’alákàn fi ń s’órí” and **”t’ojú t’ìyé l’àparò fi ń r’îran.”

May God deliver us from implications. May He deliver us from evil. May His ever watching eyes guide us always. Amen🙏🏽.

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Jesus is LORD!

*A crab watches its head with its eyes (loose translation)
**A partridge sees with its eyes and wings (loose translation)

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