Who Do You Look Like?

At work, more times than I care to count, security personnel who don’t know me have mistaken me for a student, sometimes, even with my ID Card on; and the simple reason is because I look like a student!

I understand this, so I try not to take offence whenever I experience such, because truth be told, it’s not the security personnel’s fault that I look like a student.

More often than not, people perceive us to be who we are/who we are not based on our appearance (manner, look, semblance, demeanour, attitude, etc). What we appear to be is what others perceive us to be and what they believe we are, especially if our appearance remains constant. In another vein, we can say, “what you look like is what people believe you are.” If you consistently look like ‘something’, people will perceive you as ‘that thing’, and in no time, will believe you are ‘the thing’.

The story of Peter’s denial of Jesus is a familiar one. Most times, what we focus on is the denial, but wait, how were those people able to identify Peter as one of Jesus’ disciples in the midst of the throng of people that were around to witness Jesus’ trial? How were they able to single him out? Peter had been ‘accosted’ twice that he was part of Jesus’ team, which he denied profusely, then, “After a little while, the people who were standing there came up and told Peter, “Obviously you’re also one of them, BECAUSE YOUR ACCENT GIVES YOU AWAY”” (Matthew 26:73 – ISV; emphasis mine).

Something about Peter had a semblance to Jesus, such that people around him were able to identify him with Jesus. In present times, where even ‘satan goes to church’, it takes more than going to church to be identified with Christ. As Jesus’ disciple, do you bear a semblance to Him?

“You can detect them by the way they act, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit.” Matthew 7:16a (TLB)

“You will fully recognize them by their fruits.” Matthew 7:16a (AMP)

Note that the verse says ‘FRUIT’ not ‘GIFT’. Unfortunately, most Christians look for the gifts and neglect the fruits. There is so much expression of the gift(s) and undue top-of-the-world arrogance for being ‘heavily anointed’, yet, no desirious fruit(s) to show. While it is desirable for a Christian to possess the gift(s) of the Spirit, what identifies him/her as a true follower of Christ is/are the fruit(s) he/she bears.

Who do you/I look like? What fruit(s) do you/I bear?

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