I Don’t Like My Engagement Ring

A lady took to MumsNet platform on facebook to rant about her dissatisfaction with the engagement ring her fiance gave her.

Two Husbands and a Bride

The common stories we hear are of some men who marry different women in different places and these women are unaware of one another’s existence,

Noble Igwe, the Table Shaker

So, Noble Igwe shook a table that has many players on it. Here’s the gist in a nutshell:

Let’s be Traditional

A lady shared her experience on a Facebook group a while ago, which generated lots of reactions/comments.

Did He Rape Her?

From what I’m reading online, it appears many of us don’t know what rape is or isn’t. In the trending case (See screenshots shared by Instagram user, @skukipeeshaun), the young man raped the young lady. He made his case worse by sharing screenshots where he admitted that he pinned her down and force her to […]