Be bold for CHANGE

It’s international women’s day and wow, such a lovely theme for this year’s celebration. “BE BOLD FOR CHANGE.”

Right? Wrong? A matter of PERSPECTIVE

Sometime ago, someone posted a neurological screening test on one of the whatsapp groups I belong to. There were three parts to the test: 1. Find ‘C’ among several ‘O’s 2. Find ‘6’ in the midst of a sea of ‘9’s 3. Find ‘N’ hidden among many ‘M’s My discovery: A vertical point of view […]

Gifted Children

When I reconnected with Biodun Oliyide (nee Adegoke) almost 16 years after high school, I was not surprised to hear that she had chosen a career

Stay with HIM

“When it was evening, His disciples came to Him, saying, “THIS IS A DESERTED PLACE, AND THE HOUR IS ALREADY LATE.