God’s Love at Christmas

The heart of Christmas is LOVE♥️ The message of Christmas is LOVE♥️ The song of Christmas is LOVE♥️ The theme of Christmas is LOVE♥️


Just like yesterday, we said, “Happy New Year,” and before we knew it, the first half of the year speedily went by……then came July, the beginning of the second half…..and ‘like play like joke’, that too has ended, and August is here, and second half 2015 is gathering momentum, ready to glide by! We sleep, […]

Easy Road? Not!

It’s not an easy road we are travelling to heaven, For many are the thorns on the way; It’s not an easy road but the Saviour is with us, His presence gives us joy every day. No, no, it’s not an easy road, No, no, it’s not an easy road; But Jesus walks with me […]

Home sweet home…..

I published this post in 2013 but decided to re-blog it. These days, the rate at which several homes are falling apart is quite alarming and saddening as well. However, I believe that if we allow ‘God values’ in our homes; if we consciously choose to live according to God’s standards/principles; our homes will be […]

Did You Think to Pray?

If you ask a youngster what prayer is, the response will likely be, “Prayer is TALKING to God.” Yes, it’s as simple as that. Prayer is simply talking to God. It is conversing with God. It is not a tedious religious activity, it is simply communicating with your Heavenly Father. I know many people might […]


On Sunday, one of the survivors of the Abuja motor park bomb blast was finally discharged after spending approximately 5 months in the hospital. She had to undergo several surgeries to stay alive and finally, though still in need of a walking aid, she was given a clean bill of health and was free to […]